Time to reflect on my 2013′s resolutions/achievements and set myself up for ’14:

  1. Lost 30kgs (66lbs)
  2. Went to the gym at least 5 times a week
  3. Able now to run for 30 minutes at 10kph (variable hill) 5 days a week. Same with the elliptical machine.
  4. Got off the Crestol cholesterol medication
  5. Increased my circle of friends
  6. Grew revenues (unaudited) by 23%
  7. Profitability still positive but definitely needs improving
  8. Raised $862 for Movember
  9. Can now thoroughly annoy the wife at a moment’s notice
  10. Bought a new car
  11. Retooled Gulf Broadcast with latest production equipment: 3x Sony Cameras, 2x edit suites, 1x Colour correction suite, Black Magic Cine pocket cam and a bunch of latest software suites including 5x Avid Symphonies/MCs. (Thanks Tamkeen!)
  12. Assumed the presidency of the Bahrain Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation; reflections on this will be in June 2014.
  13. Continued in my role as the Internal Awareness Chair at the Global Communications Committee at EO Global
  14. Got recognised for my “Outstanding Contribution to New Media” by the Next Century Foundation’s Int’l Council for Press and Broadcasting
  15. Took some time off to be with my lovely wife and enjoyed Muscat for a few days
  16. and then again in New York
  17. and jogged in Central Park. Twice around the reservoir!
  18. Put up the christmas tree and decorated it all by myself this year!
  19. Actually created a profile video of myself! http://goo.gl/ryI7Sg
  20. Travelled to new countries: Vietnam and Austria

I must have missed a few; regardless, really looking forward to 2014. With the vigour that I’m feeling now that I’m the healthiest I have possibly been in my life, I say BRING IT ON!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Thank you for being part of my life.

Love you all.