MGS S01E01 – Mahmood’s Garden Show – LAUNCH!

9 Aug, '14

Here’s my first in a forthcoming series of gardening videos I’m personally producing and creating to share with you my trials and successes in my home garden. In this series, “Mahmood’s Garden” I’ll show you how to get colour back into your garden using annuals. Most of those I’ll cultivate from seed, so you’ll accompany me on a journey of gardening from seed to fully grown plant in one season. The planting season starts toward the end of September in Bahrain, this episode, I set the scene and share with you my plans for the coming few weeks and months.

Come along on the journey. And be generous with your comments and feedback. I would appreciate +1s, Likes and Thumbs Up too 😉

By the way, my company (Gulf Broadcast) will coincidentally producing a Garden Makeover show professionally this season too, but the series of videos will be released in Feb/Mar 2015 along with the Bahrain International Garden Show, so through my videos, you might see some behind the scenes action. So please subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss any interesting happenings. Go to to subscribe – I cover many more subjects about living in Bahrain and not just gardening, so it should be interesting in its variety.

I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Khalid Alkhalifa says:

    Wishing you all success brother .. I am sure I will learn a lot from you .. As always .

    • mahmood says:

      Thank you sir. You’re very kind and I hope I won’t disappoint. Bahrain offers a unique gardening environment where almost anything will grow, with care and attention. Quire rewarding, and relaxing 😉

  2. winnie hart says:

    Love it Mahmood! I look forward to learning more about your gardening genius and hope!

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