No Sweets October

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Here’s a commitment I made:

To me, October = No sweets / no cakes / no biscuits / no chocolate month. Allowing myself one fruit a day. Just because. Anyone fancy joining me in this quest?

Posted by Mahmood Al-Yousif on Thursday, October 1, 2015

No sweets October. How does that grab you? Doable?

I honestly didn’t believe that I could. That’s why I made that commitment public so I can be held accountable. When I do that, I do challenge myself and make the commitment happen. It’s 12 days since and I’m glad to say that I have not had any of those things so far, and I’m not going to either. On Nov 1st; however, I’m heading straight to DQ and getting my favouritest dessert: a Peanut Buster Parfait! Maybe even two, we’ll see how I feel 😉

The effect of having this sweets fast is tremendous though. On Oct 1st I weighed 85.3, today, well… have a look:

today I weigh 82.6kgs, which is a long way from the 116.5kg I was recently ;)

That’s a tremendous reduction of 2.7 kgs in just 12 days. That’s a reduction of 33.9% of my body weight at its heaviest which was 116.5 kgs.

I’ll admit that in the interim I actually increased my activity. I now average about 9km of running a day with an additional 30 – 60 minutes on other machines. I also added 90 minutes of swimming training twice a week with a few half-hour swimming sessions in between. So the weight loss might not just be due to the effect of not having sweets, it’s probably having something to do with the slightly increased activity as well.

Regardless, I’m quite chuffed with myself for arriving in the 82s. I honest cannot remember me the last time my weight was 82.6 kgs. If I were to guess, I would say that it might have been late teens or early twenties. Makes me double happy 😉

My declared intention was to get to 83 kgs by the end of the year. Now that I busted that level, my new target is 80 kgs by the end of 2015. Who’s with me on this journey of regaining health?

Let’s go!

  • AbuRasool
    12 October 2015

    Good for you Mahmood!
    Try avoiding bread . It works for me. No chance I ry the 9 km running plus the other things you do 🙂

    • mahmood
      12 October 2015

      That’s the major food I do avoid and it – I believe – contributed to my weight loss greatly. I’m sure you can walk the 9k of you can’t run it AbuRasool! 😉

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