The Journey to Better Health Continues

20 Oct, '15

Here’s a picture that Nadine took of me earlier in the office.



The occasion is that this is the first time I remember to hit the 81s. So stoked!


Obviously the No Sweets October is working. I’m down from 85.3kgs on Oct 1st to now 81.5kgs.

The journey to better health continues!

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  1. Shachar says:

    Good luck.

    However, and this you must remember, the hard part isn’t losing weight. The hard part is keeping it off. I wish I had any tips for you, but I don’t. Nobody seems to know how to do it.

    This diet you’re on, you will need to keep on it for the rest of your life, or you will go back up, higher than you started off. That is the pattern, and aside from wishing you would not repeat it, all I can say is what I started off with.

    Good luck.


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