Brussels and other terrorist attacks

23 Mar, '16

Hands up all of those who are still surprised by continued terrorist attacks around the world. I’m not. They will continue as long as their financing continues apace, their ideological support continues to be undiminished, and their apologists continue to refuse to accept the root cause and source of these cowards. If the world is serious about ending their reign, they need to have the courage to kill its source, not skirt around mired in political correctness.

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  1. Steve the American says:

    Quite so. It’s been a serious mistake to treat the Saudis as equal partners in developing their oil. We should not have let legions of Muslim into our home to murder us. We should not let these Muslims fight their evil jihad in our homelands. If the Muslims want war, and they always do, we should fight in their homelands and we should not take half measures as we did in Iraq.

    • Shachar says:

      We should not have let legions of Muslim into our home to murder us

      I think this is a great example of an argument where “both” sides have are completely missing the point.

      On the one hand, it is not Islam that is, in and of itself, the problem. There are millions of refugees fleeing Syria, and we cannot humanely ignore them or turn a cold shoulder on them.

      On the other hand, the Muslims are not treating the problem with the seriousness it deserves. While very few of the Muslims in the world are terrorists, sympathy toward radical Islam is way too prevalent. In part this is also a result of radicals in the west who paint this as a Muslim problem, creating an “us vs. them” mentality that serves no one. In part, however, this rests on the Muslim leaders and society.

      We need more Muslim religious leaders coming out and saying that this is not the right way to behave. We need Muslim to realize that it is not enough to shake your head in disagreement when you hear others planning or advocating violence. We need French and Belgium Muslims to join in force the police force and help clear the Muslim neighborhoods from radicals.

      Some do that. I forgot the name, but an Imam in France joined forces with the Jewish community to create joint patrols to protect Jewish institutes. This is the kind of message that needs to be the rule, not the exception.


      • Ivan Traminiev says:

        There are lots of Muslims in France’s security forces and their comrades and superiors say many of them, not all but many, cannot be relied upon. So let’s keep Trojan horses at the gates, right? I am all for allowing Arabs in France’s security forces but not people be they Arab or Europeans converted to Islam, whose ideas can lead them to betray France and their comrades or at the very least to stay neutral. Arabs? Provided they leave Islam (see below) and pass a test at the lie detector. Just like I would trust a German but not a Nazi (a person who has that kind of ideas) in a kindergarten of Jewish children

        While we are at it: the night of the Paris shootings the police came to the house of a former member of Charlie Hebdo’s staff in order to lead him to safe place. During the trip they passed in front a halal pizzeria and in it “bearded ones” were openly celebrating the shootings. They were celebrating where everyone could see them because they didn’t fear being sent to hospital or even being denied the “Salam” by those Muslims you want entering the French police. Come back when islamists will be forced to hide from other Muslims for celebrating murders

        PS: When I said leaving Islam I meant Sunni Islam and most branches of Shia Islam. There are a few tiny sects like Ismaelism, Alawish and Ahmadiyaism whose members I would trust but that is all.

        • Shachar says:

          There is a cultural war brewing. The war seems inevitable, at this point, but the sides can still be changed.

          This can either be “Liberalism vs. Fanatisim” or “Islam vs. non-Muslims”.

          I think if we push the sides of this war to be the later, we all stand to lose. I also believe (which really means “hope”) that it is not too late to make a difference in this case.

          That is the reason for my plea to the Muslim leaders to take a clear stance. Without them, the people who wish it to be “Islam vs. everyone else” will get their way, and everybody loses.

          It is in everybody’s interest that the war not be phrased as religious. There are about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. There are about 50,000 ISIS warriors in the world. Who would you rather face?


          • Ivan Traminiev says:

            1.5 billion apostates.

            And I prefer 1.5 billion Muslims in front of me to 50,000 in my back. Start spitting on the face of people who celebrate jihadist murders, start hanging jihadists when they come home, start issuing fatwas against them ( not a single one to this date ), start going to Syria to kill yihadists, stop protesting when we, filthy kaffirs dare retaliate against ISIS after a massacre, stop looking the other way when yihadists kill kaffirs, stop thinking taht you have to support the Muslim against the kaffir no matter what he has done and then you will deserve to be trusted. For now you have done _nothing_ to deserve our trust. Finally I have read the Quran and Muhammad’s life so don’t take me for an idiot.

            While we are at it. Three years ago a yihadist pig entered a Jewish school, killed a man and his two children, then he ran after a even years old girl, catched her, carried her under a securiy camera and then while she cried and implored his mercy, laughed and blew her head in cold blood.

            Take a good look at her now.

            Another look at the people he killed:

            And this one was left tetraplegic.


            Just like the 3 other servicemen he was shot in the back while unarmed.

            Once the cowardly beast was finally killed the walls of the banlieues covered of tags hailing him as a hero. No tag condemning him.

            No I don’t want those people in French Police.

  2. Don Cox says:

    I think it is a mistake to call suicide bombers “cowards”.

    “Cult victims” would be more accurate. There are people driving these extremist organisations, who have no intention of getting directly involved in any attacks, but are busy organizing a network of suckers to be used as cannon fodder. In some cases, the bombers are teenage girls. In most cases, they are naive young men.

    It is the ones at the top who need to be suppressed.

    • Steve the American says:

      Suicide bombers are simply stupid because they believe that blowing themselves up is how to get laid.

  3. Shachar says:

    Once the cowardly beast was finally killed the walls of the banlieues covered of tags hailing him as a hero. No tag condemning him.

    Yes. Like I said, the Muslim community absolutely needs to stand up to those maniacs. I am, in no way, saying that we should “just accept their different culture”. But neither should we assume its everybody. By doing that, you are making it more difficult for Muslims to stand up to the nutheads.

    For now you have done _nothing_ to deserve our trust

    When I debate stuff on the Internet, I try not to tag the people I’m debating. It is far too easy to make wrong assumptions about who they are based on their opinions.

    I suggest you do a quick search for my comments on this blog. I think you are in for a shock when you find out who I am and what I stand for.


    • Steve the American says:

      It is a vain hope that Muslim communities will ever stand up to Muslim terror. They support it and it is backed up by Islamic doctrine. It is a Western fantasy that we will carpet bomb Muslims back into the Stone Age. The most likely thing is that Muslim terror raids will continue until the Saudis are bankrupted by discount prices for oil or cheap new energy sources, at which point Arab Muslims will retreat to the desert. While Western society will flourish in the future, Arab Muslim society will whither away to irrelevance.

  4. W.Rice says:

    dear mahmood
    i wonder how much column space did you devote to the victims of terrorist bombings in Turkey? Or Mali? Or Afghanistan? Or Pakistan?..Oh wait, I forgot. They are not white and western I supposes.

    • Shachar says:

      Israeli terrorist victims are white, and they don’t get much column space either. This has less to do with skin tone, and more to do with how frequent and “normal” that event is.


      • W.Rice says:

        Shachar…The Israelis have been mercilessly mowing down Palestinian civilians in cold blood, and particularly women and children in recent times and you are asking for sympathy for the illegal occupiers of their lands? Shame on you for even comparing the Israeli butchers with innocent victims of terrorism.

        • Shachar says:

          There are two fundamental flaws with your argument.

          The first is that your facts are way off. Those “Palestinian civilians” mowed down in cold blood were killed while stabbing Israelies. In essence, I say that Israeli terror victims are not sympathized with, and you retaliate by accusing the victims and moaning the killing of the terrorists.

          Even if you were correct, however, your point has no merit. Surely you’re not suggesting that every single Israeli is personally responsible for Israel’s actions. If they are not, then Israeli civilians killed are victims of terror, regardless of what “Israel” is doing, whether in actuality or only in your mind.


        • Steve the American says:

          Palestinians deserve no sympathy because their goal is genocide of Jews in Israel, in accordance with the Koran’s commandment to kill all the Jews in the world. You can not make peace with Muslims because they are not a peaceful people and Palestinians doubly so. So, what’s the point of even pretending?

          • W.Rice says:

   must be overdozing on teh fare that Fox news and the NY Times puts out. I suppose in your books, Mandela and Geronimo were also terrorists. Pity calling yourself an American, when you do not promote any American democratic values.

          • Steve the American says:

            And you are overdosing on fallacious thinking, in this case the argumentum ad hominem, a drearily predictable response from lazy mind of the Leftist herd. If you are unaware that the current round of Palestinian stabbings is prompted by sermons in the mosque, then you need to go inform yourself. Likewise, Palestinian clerics preach that their flocks should kill the Israelis, that everything Israelis own is the rightful booty of Musliims, and that Israeli women as well are the sexual booty of Muslims. All of this is backed up by the Koranic command to kill all the Jews at the end of days. Obviously, you know none of this as you think it is some invention of Fox News. Go educate yourself, kid. You don’t know enough to have an intelligent conversation on this topic.

          • Shachar says:

            in accordance with the Koran’s commandment to kill all the Jews in the world.

            No, the Koran says no such thing. In fact, it explicitly excludes the Jews from the full fledged treatment it promises other non-Muslims.

            Obviously, that aspect of the Koran didn’t quite make it into modern Islam, but that is precisely my point. Modern religions are not about strict adherence to the letter of the scripture. I suspect that even born again Christians don’t actually do that.

            Everybody else pick out some form of “spirit of things” from the scripture, and give extra emphasis to those parts. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either naive or lying.

            The practical upshot of that is that going to the scriptures and trying to say “Koran says so, and therefor all Muslims are so” is both wrong and misleading.

            People should be judged by what they do and say, not by what you think they are probably doing because your reading of some books says they maybe should.

            Palestinians deserve no sympathy because their goal is genocide of Jews in Israel

            Most Palestinians deserve all the sympathy you can spare them, because most of them are mostly being rattled around the world like pawns in someone’s game. Yes, there are some factions that wish all Jews be killed, but there are also many many others who want other things out of life.

            Claiming that Palestinians’ goal is to perform genocide on Jews makes as much sense as saying American’s goal is to elect Donald Trump president.


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