The first 10k run experience

On a chance discussion about my new new self with my friend Karla Solano one day, I mentioned that I’m enjoying running. For the first time in my life, I could actually run an uninterrupted 30 minutes at a respectable pace on the treadmill. Me being me, I wanted to go to the next step as soon as possible; as it happened, one of the side-events at the annual EO Global Leadership Conference in Athens this year is a half marathon. I registered for it. My thinking is I’ve got 6 months to train to ace it!

I told Karla this and she suggested some very practical things that I need to do to make that aspiration happen: half a proper training regimen, go run outside rather than the treadmill and participate at interim marathons to get the real feel of this type of competitions. Karla has fully embraced this lifestyle herself and transformed herself into a health fiend! So happy for her. What EO taught me is to listen to experience, and ditch the unsolicited advice. Karla’s journey into health is a credible one and I was more than happy to seek her experience and take some of that on-board. Time to get busy!


I downloaded the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon App (don’t you love the iPhone? There’s an App for <i>anything</i>!), entered the Athens half marathon date in there and started running outside, following the apps program. It actually works, and I like the stats it generates as they incentivise me to do better.

Today was the day that all of the above came together. I ran the Alareen 10k Run this afternoon, an event that brought in over 400 runners of all ages, shapes and sizes. It was fun, but a lot of hard work. The weather is getting hotter, but it wasn’t too uncomfortable. I had to hold myself back consciously several times at the start of the run and remind myself that I have to run at my own pace, rather than the crowd around me. It was as much psychological as it was physical. I learnt quite a lot from the experience and I look forward to learning some more and get inspiration from other runners as well.

Bahrain Road Runners, you gained a new member!

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Ground Rules

We’re experiencing growth at Gulf Broadcast and I have to gear up for that influx of new staff and revise the current structure of induction. The intention is to get the new staff to reach productivity levels much faster than we ever had and make their journey a more rewarding one. We already have quite a comprehensive Staff Handbook which we kept revised over the years and I’m happy with its comprehensive content now. It really helps in the induction process.

One thing that it didn’t have; however, is a clear set of ground rules for everyone to follow, so I devised the following 13 Commandments to make sure that everyone is on board.

  1. no-bullshit-300x300I’m not your friend.
  2. I’m your boss.
  3. I need to see results within one month.
  4. Don’t bring politics and religion into the office.
  5. Reports must be filled in and submitted.
  6. Business cards and any other material you produce or acquire in the course of representing Gulf Broadcast and while in our employ, remain the property of Gulf Broadcast. This is why you’re getting paid.
  7. If in doubt, ask.
  8. Don’t be late. Be on time. Always.
  9. Participate effectively in the Daily Huddle.
  10. Filing. Do it properly.
  11. Respect confidentiality. Do not send company or client documents to your personal email or drive.
  12. Be presentable. Wear business appropriate attire at all times.
  13. You will be judged on results, attitude, chemistry and team work.

I’ve listed these in no particular order. I know they might sound harsh to some; however, at least they are declared and everyone knows where they stand as well as what’s expected of them. This, hopefully, will create a better and more productive work environment and takes the guessing out of the equation.

Do you have any ground rules you set for your business? I’d love to know. Share in the comments please and don’t forget to Like Mahmood’s Den on Facebook too.

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Oh no, not another new year resolutions list!

tunnelWell, like it or hate it, the single thing that successful entrepreneurs have in common is writing down what they want to achieve, their goals, their aspirations, in lists.  If creating a list of your own aspirations is the only thing you take away from me, then I have truly succeeded in paying it forward.

I’ve already shared with you a list of some of my accomplishments and things I am proud of in 2013, let me now make public my list of my targets for 2014; in no particular order, but each carry with it the determination to make it happen. I’m okay with being held accountable for them too, so by this time next year go ahead and ask me to report and I’ll be happy to.So here goes; the Mahmood 2014 List:
  1. Maintain 85 kgs as max weight (today I’m 88 kgs)
  2. Go to gym 5 times a week
  3. Read one book a month; 4 fiction novels in the year
  4. Dedicate Sunday and Wednesday nights for no TV
  5. Take an online course in something
  6. Organise a photography exhibition
  7. Make a short movie
  8. Start a business that has nothing to do with technology or video production
  9. Start the GB Saudi branch in the Eastern Province
  10. Get a comprehensive health check; get Frances to get one too
  11. Get massage every 3 months
  12. Get one more international client for GB
  13. Take a one week holiday every 6 months without kids
  14. Run the Athens half marathon in May
There you have it. And here’s how I’ll report on the achievement of these: I’ll create a KPI dashboard and publish it here to show progress, or things I need to pay more attention to. Feel free to poke me if I don’t.I’d love to know your thoughts. Please share them in the comments. Together, we can encourage each other to achieve better things.
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Season’s Greetings



Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous 2014 my friends.

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Personal 2013 Reflections

Time to reflect on my 2013′s resolutions/achievements and set myself up for ’14:

  1. Lost 30kgs (66lbs)
  2. Went to the gym at least 5 times a week
  3. Able now to run for 30 minutes at 10kph (variable hill) 5 days a week. Same with the elliptical machine.
  4. Got off the Crestol cholesterol medication
  5. Increased my circle of friends
  6. Grew revenues (unaudited) by 23%
  7. Profitability still positive but definitely needs improving
  8. Raised $862 for Movember
  9. Can now thoroughly annoy the wife at a moment’s notice
  10. Bought a new car
  11. Retooled Gulf Broadcast with latest production equipment: 3x Sony Cameras, 2x edit suites, 1x Colour correction suite, Black Magic Cine pocket cam and a bunch of latest software suites including 5x Avid Symphonies/MCs. (Thanks Tamkeen!)
  12. Assumed the presidency of the Bahrain Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation; reflections on this will be in June 2014.
  13. Continued in my role as the Internal Awareness Chair at the Global Communications Committee at EO Global
  14. Got recognised for my “Outstanding Contribution to New Media” by the Next Century Foundation’s Int’l Council for Press and Broadcasting
  15. Took some time off to be with my lovely wife and enjoyed Muscat for a few days
  16. and then again in New York
  17. and jogged in Central Park. Twice around the reservoir!
  18. Put up the christmas tree and decorated it all by myself this year!
  19. Actually created a profile video of myself!
  20. Travelled to new countries: Vietnam and Austria

I must have missed a few; regardless, really looking forward to 2014. With the vigour that I’m feeling now that I’m the healthiest I have possibly been in my life, I say BRING IT ON!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Thank you for being part of my life.

Love you all.

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