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Porsche 911 Carrera 2 - 968

My Porsche 911 Carrera 2 RUF modified is up for grabs! Time for a change… I’m looking for a good home for it, if you’re interested to buy this dream, but don’t bother if your offer is less than BD 8,000!



Self-destructing DVDs on the way!

Disney is supposed to release DVDs for the rental market which are chemically treated to render the disks unreadable after 48 hours from opening the DVD package. The chemically coated DVD surface is red initially but changes colour to black after 48 hours. Aparently no laser can penetrate that layer, hence it will become unusable (other than a coaster) at the end of that period.

As the process is chemical, it has nothing to do with computer technology, hence is “unhackable” or “un-piratable”.

observation 1: most people who put their mind to it will copy the disk in the first hour
observation 2: this will start a new market that sells chemicals to stop or reverse the original chemical process
observation 3: in a couple of years scientists will suddently discover that the chemical is a carcinogenic
observation 4: people will sue Disney for ridiculous amounts
observation 5: it will go bankrupt because of class actions
observation 6: some other people will discover that the chemical is harmful to the environment
observation 7: they’ll sue
observation 8: more companies go broke
observation 9: the US President will declare that Bahrain is a “clear and present danger”
observation 10: “war on terrorism on Bahrain” will start
observation 11: lots of companies will start recouping the money lost in 8 above, the economy becomes okay again
observation 12: US military sources will declare that Bahrain is now free of terrorism. but they cannot produce one who was
observation 13: back to 1 with another idea!



Killers on the loose

We woke up on the Prophet’s birthday to be shocked that terrorists have attacked civilians in Riyadh, the capital of Islam’s most Holy Places. Now we wait in fear to welcome these bands of Godless animals to Bahrain and the rest of the normally peaceful Arabian Gulf. On the Prophet’s birthday who preached God’s word of peace and love?

29 people dead, more than 200 injured. The dead’s count is set to rise according to sources.

What would it take to get people to see reason? Just what is the value of an attack like this? When will it end? Will this area ever see real peace? Who is to blame?

It has been said that these attacks have been perpetrated by Al-Qaeda members or sympethizers, well who are these people and what is their belief? I don’t think it is the Islam I and billions like me know and follow.



This diet really works!

How about this:

Koala, a female elephant in Rio de Janeiro Zoo, lost some 1,100 lb (500 kg) in about four months without any exercise after peanuts and bread were completely taken out of her diet and her ration of bananas was halved to just 120 a day.

‘She had a huge rear part with excessive fat on the sides,’ biologist Valdir Ramos Junior told Reuters on Thursday. Koala started on the diet weighing 5 tons eight months ago, but lost most of the weight in the past four months, he said.

‘But the diet wasn’t just for the looks, as despite having very strong legs, their tendons are very sensitive … and a lot of weight can cause tendon problems.’

Koala turns 39 on Saturday. She is now eating 330 pounds (150 kg) of food per day, mostly grass, as well as vegetables and various fruit. The desirable weight for her would be 4.2 tons, Ramos said.

I AM OBESE. Phew! That took some doing… now that I’ve owned up to the fact, it’s time to do something serious about it. I have stopped going to the gym 6 months ago. I’m too embarrassed to go to the gym in my shape again. I eat too much, drink too much and smoke too much.

Let’s see if I can tackle this problem and get to be not quite an Adonis, but for God’s sake I’ve got to do something about my way of life… time for a change.



LG Washing Machine

The ad is shot nicely and it might work accept for the most stupid sounding audio dubbing.

I think LG is rich enough though to shoot a complete commercial in Arabic, with good actors based on a good idea rather than just produce one worldwide version and just add local language.

More over the concept of this ad just does not work in the Arab culture.

So LG takes the prize here for producing one version and trying to ram it down everybody’s throught! Cheap!