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An Arab man's attempt at bridging the cultural gap and trying to make a difference. Failing a lot. Succeeding once in a while.

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All it takes, is a spark.

8 Mar, '1137 Comments

Like the Great War which started with a single bullet, Bahrain too can descend into real chaos by just a single, stupid, miscalculated, and unwarranted incident. The ground has never been as fertile as it is today to transform a spark into an inferno. Let’s not dwell on the various incidents sponsored by extremists on […]

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Al-Qaeda exposes itself in Bahrain

Al-Qaeda exposes itself in Bahrain

5 Mar, '11130 Comments

A scuffle broke out in Hamad Town between Bahrainis and recently naturalized Bahrainis in which wooden planks, knives and swords were used. A good summary of this recent event is available on GlobalVoices. This is not the first time troubles between these groups happen. Hamad Town is a council housing estate built to benefit low […]

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Why no dialogue? The opposition’s answer

3 Mar, '1136 Comments

The political societies released a statement this afternoon explaining their position regarding the national dialogue called for by the Crown Prince almost two weeks ago. Here are their reasons, and my translation (errors in translation are mine alone and done in good faith): Press Conference of the Assemblies of political opposition societies on the reasons […]

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Planned protests

2 Mar, '1123 Comments

Here’s a schedule I received for protests this week until Friday. Sounds like a Gig-list, but hey, as a country we’re finally evolving: Wednesday 02 March – 1500 onwards from Pearl Roundabout to the Ministry of Interior – 1730 onwards at the Grand Mosque – 1900 onwards from Dana Roundabout to the Pearl Roundabout Thursday […]

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10 days too late

2 Mar, '1121 Comments

Mona Eltahawy speaking at the J Street Conference 2011 (2.27.11) . These are her complete opening remarks. History before Our Eyes: Broader Implications of Democracy Movements in the Arab World. — thanks for sharing Rami.

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