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An Arab man's attempt at bridging the cultural gap and trying to make a difference. Failing a lot. Succeeding once in a while.

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My very first blog entry ever!

23 Apr, '030 Comments

Thank Marcel van der Boom for that from a message he put up on the Xaraya public Knowledgebase news list outlining how a blog is set up using Xaraya, MozBlog and some very simple tweaking of Xaraya (no, no code was hurt while doing this procedure, just a few simple mouse clicks! – try that […]

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Welcome to Mahmood’s Den… on Xaraya!

22 Apr, '032 Comments

Hello and welcome to my site. Historically, Mahmood’s Den was the first site in the world to adopt the then new standard in content management systems, PostNuke. Now I’m proud to be once again one of the first active sites to adopt Xaraya, the content management system designed by a very dedicated group who released […]

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Gnasher & Phoebe

Gnasher & Phoebe

22 Apr, '038 Comments

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Outgrown *nuke? Come to the next era!

22 Apr, '030 Comments

this is a comment I entered at and I thought I would reproduce it here. I hope John doesn’t mind! I’m sure a lot of people join me in congratulating Team Xaraya on the release of the first public beta of Xaraya, but why should they? Is it just a new toy to play […]

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