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Do you know of any other Bahraini blogs? If you do then please contribute by entering a comment on this page. I’d like an updated list to help nurture blogging in Bahrain again. Many thanks!

  1. [Lifestyle] Blonde in Bahrain
  2. [Food] Food and Tools
  3. [Food] The Slice of My Lyfe
  4. [Travel & Photography] Not just a Photo
    1. Rasha Yousif (portfolio site)
  5. [Food] Restless in Riffa
  6. [General] Rantings by Nouf
  7. [Fashion] Mara Mustafa
  8. [Tech] Waleed’s Tipnology
  9. [Tech] A7maDev’s Home
  10. [Fitness] Nerve Bullet
  11. [Photography] Lifeommentory
  12. [Politics/Entrepreneurship] Suhail Algosaibi
  13. [Food] As Easy As Apple Pie
  14. [Food] BahrainiB
  15. [Fashion] The Syeda Sisters
  16. [Travel/Photography] Dilmuni Couple
  17. [Personal] Debbie Moves to Bahrain
  18. [Personal] Life Meant
  19. [General] InspireMePax
  20. [Birds/Photography] Birding Bahrain
  21. [Food] Jar of Vanilla
  22. [General] Restless in Riffa
  23. [Entrepreneurship] Bahrainipreneur
  24. [General] RT Views
  25. [General] Mandeep Sings – Wide Angle
  26. [Fashion] The Makeup Manual
  27. [Photography] Haya Alkhalifa
  28. [General] Sand in my Castle
  29. [Fashion] AislingInBahain
  30. [General / Arabic] Jaffar.TV
  31. [General] Fahad Lee | I’m Hungry
  32. [General] The Life of a Saudi-Texan mutt
  33. [General] Expat in Bahrain – A Guide to Loving Life

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