RSF :: Blogger’s handbook

The official title is “Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents” and with a name like that I can see virtually ALL the Arab “Ministries of Information” running to block every single port of the internet in their countries, as well as every post office and courier service to prevent such a book from “despoiling the pure minds of our precious youth!”

But it’s not that bad. True, from my briefly flipping its pages (virtually of course) it is a vitally empowering tool for anyone wishing to start participating in the global conversation, a phenomenon perpetuated by the easy availability of blogging services and free software, without fear of discovery. More important I think is its laying down various paths to making your voice heard, regardless of your decision to participate in such conversations anonymously or not.

The book is packed with practical advice and ‘case studies’ one of which features our very own Bahraini fish: Chan’ad Bahraini where he makes us proud by once again sharing his story and in contributing his experience, I am sure that his experiences would empower others to follow in his footsteps.

Other than very practical advice on how not to be “outed” it contains invaluable sections where its authors discuss issues that should be taken very seriously by any self-respecting blogger: credibility and ethics, both from the point of view of bloggers themselves as well as their readers.

Of course not all blogs are political or journalistic in nature, most in fact are not, but those which are should strive to be credible and ethical in order for them to propagate their message to the outside world.

Thank you RSF and all those involved in producing such a valuable book.

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