Precidents work…

21 Jun, '0611 Comments

Take for example this year’s F1 season opener in Bahrain which garnered much better television viewer figures than the traditional opener held at Australia, that – business-wise – should be enough to move that fixture permanently to the BIC in Bahrain, and it looks like Bernie is considering it. And why shouldn’t he? The BIC […]

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Island no more…

12 Jun, '0622 Comments

Bahrain used to be a collection of islands, each surrounded – obviously – by water. That virtually stopped when the King Fahad Causeway opened, and now it is further strengthened by the signing of the agreements to construct another causeway, this time between Bahrain and Qatar. Apart from this being a huge step for business […]

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Optimism… maybe

15 May, '0656 Comments

KoOKiE just brought to our attention something to be optimistic about, if true that is. I have not received the email yet, but let me relate what has been posted on the boycottbatelco.com’s guestbook: Someone got this letter from Peter the CEO “Please find attached a detailed response which I have forwarded to the people […]

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Quick Business Stats

10 May, '062 Comments

In the vein of “note to self”: 96% of businesses in Bahrain are SMEs 17,717 registered businesses (paid up at the chamber?) 679 businesses employ more than 50 people 3,475 employ 10 – 49 people 13,563 employ 1 – 9 people 30% of the SME workforce are Bahraini nationals that constitutes 48% of the Bahraini […]

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Come on now… let’s be professional

10 May, '065 Comments

How long does it take to get a committee at the Chamber of Commerce to meet? We’ve had the elections months ago and all committees have been assigned and their chairmen and their members decided. At the Young Businesspersons Committee we’ve already held two constructive meetings, so why is it that the IT & eCommerce […]

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