Quick Business Stats

10 May, '062 Comments

In the vein of “note to self”: 96% of businesses in Bahrain are SMEs 17,717 registered businesses (paid up at the chamber?) 679 businesses employ more than 50 people 3,475 employ 10 – 49 people 13,563 employ 1 – 9 people 30% of the SME workforce are Bahraini nationals that constitutes 48% of the Bahraini […]

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Come on now… let’s be professional

10 May, '065 Comments

How long does it take to get a committee at the Chamber of Commerce to meet? We’ve had the elections months ago and all committees have been assigned and their chairmen and their members decided. At the Young Businesspersons Committee we’ve already held two constructive meetings, so why is it that the IT & eCommerce […]

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Diplomacy lessons

8 May, '066 Comments

I confess that I’m normally not a very good team player. I’ve always liked individual sports and individual pursuits rather than be a part of a team, hell, I couldn’t take the stupid politics while working for Gulf Air so much that I decided to leave and start my own company. So you will excuse […]

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Bahrainis are somewhat optimistic

8 May, '060 Comments

The BCSR has released another of its interesting statistics which they get commissioned to do from time to time; this time they were asked to gauge the optimism of the street in the country and its direction. The results are hardly surprising, in summary, they are: 62.9% Optimistic 12.1% Pessimistic 82.9% Believe Bahrain to be […]

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Young businessmen’s committee suggestions

4 May, '067 Comments

Some of you know that I am now involved in a committee at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry which is concerned with young businesspersons in this country. We have had our first meeting and have elected its chairman and his vice and we are about to have our second meeting on May 7th. […]

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