Human Rights

Red-Indians? Aborigines? Indigenous Bahrainis? They existed at some time? Wow!

26 May, '0495 Comments

It took them six months, reports, research, questioning, exploring, insider information, legal advice, interviews, and testimonies and our illustrious exalted MPs couldn’t determine that there were extra-legal naturalisations. Let alone the fact that a Bahraini passport would cost you between BD 4,000 to 10,000 to get, no questions asked. Let alone that virtually the whole […]

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Bahrain, post-Nancy

26 Oct, '0310 Comments

October 22nd, 2003 is an historic date for Bahrain and in a lot of Bahrainis’ minds they will remember events henceforth as pre-Nancy and post-Nancy. MPs, particularly the Islamists, should also take note of this phenomenon as it most certainly has determined their future within the democratic establishment and society. So far we have not […]

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The National ID “smart card” idea continues to take hold

30 Jul, '032 Comments

yet no answers to the questions I asked are forthcoming, even though the same article has been sent twice to the national papers in Bahrain. No one seems to be interested in protecting their most basic of human rights: privacy. Amazing. Now the BDF (Bahrain Defence Forces) Hospital which is one of the leading hospitals […]

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Bye privacy… welcome totalitarianism

14 Jul, '0310 Comments

The government is going to introduce a national ID card next year that will further control our lives, expose our most private details: any and all financial transactions, every time we travel, obtain health care, work, rent or buy a house yet no one asked us, the people, if we support such a totalitarian measure. […]

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