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An ex-Prime Minister’s view

I’ve been following Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s blog for about a year now, maybe a little bit more. I came close to filming and interviewing him in Malaysia when we covered an event there a few months ago, unfortunately that didn’t happen. Still, the experience did not diminish my admiration for the man.

Dr. Mahathis Mohamad, ex-PM of Malaysia
Dr. Mahathis Mohamad, ex-PM of Malaysia

I certainly don’t agree with him completely, but I do follow him to try to fathom the man; an ex-prime minister of a Muslim country – a rarity on its own, especially after being in that seat for 22 years – but some of his thoughts are worth analysing further and learning from, while some of his rants are stellar.

Take his latest post of just a few minutes ago where he reflects on Obama’s Cairo speech:

It is not the Palestinians who choose violence. It was the Jews who violently seized Palestinian land, massacred the Arabs and expelled them from their country. With no one prepared to restrain the Jews, the beleaguered Palestinians had to resort to violence. The world, the United Nations, even fellow Muslims have deserted them.


Obama stresses America’s strong bond with Israel. It is unbreakable. He recognises the aspiration for a Jewish homeland “rooted in a tragic history that cannot be denied”.

But what is the tragic history? It is that of European persecution of the Jews, of the regular pogroms culminating in the Holocaust? It is not the doings of the Muslims. Certainly not the doings of the Palestinians.The tragedy was caused by the Europeans through the ages.

Obama must know that before there was the United States, the Jews invariably fled to Muslim countries to seek refuge from European persecution. The Muslims did not turn them back. Before Israel there were millions of Jews in Muslim land. Even today quite a few are still there.

I have not read such strong views about the American stance regarding the Palestinian and Israeli situation in the Arabic press from any Arab leader! This is not the first time he vociferously condemns American and Israeli actions, there are various other articles he posted previously where his views are never diminished.

I hope you have the time to visit and re-visit his blog, it will be worth your while.

I wonder if other ex-PMs in this area would follow in Dr. Mahathir’s footsteps and start blogging? Oh, hang on a minute, sorry, we don’t have any ex-PMs in this area of the world. This makes reading his blog even the more interesting.

On Sabbatical


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Guys, I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a while.

I don’t know for how long that while is.

Thanks all for your support.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

Ramadhan Kareem

What better way to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Ramadhan, my friends, other than to share with you the Anti-hate campaign‘s winning logo which was announced last night at the event organised by Al-Waqt newspaper and attended by government, political and electronic publishing personalities and in which more than 23 websites, fora and blogs penned their names and affirmed their participation of this national enterprise?

I sincerely with to thank all of my friends who participated in this very worthy cause, even if their involvement was just offering moral support. Without you, this would not have seen the light of day.

I wish you all a very happy, fulfilling and peaceful Ramadhan.

Code Quotes

With only two days remaining to the big day, August 31st, on which we will be opening the book to receive signatures and pledges not to engage in hate speech in our websites and encourage others not to do so as well, we have received the full support of all the political societies, MPs and the government for the Code, all of whom promised to lend us the support in order to ensure that this effort becomes successful, for a better Bahrain.

The launch will take place at the Gulf Hotel’s Conference Centre from 7.30pm to 11pm on August 31st. Please come and lend your support.

We will also be announcing the winning Code logo design and present the winner with the top prize and everyone who participated in this competition with an appreciation certificate. The designs submitted were top class and I will proudly show it on my websites.

Here is a snippet of some leaders in the society offering their unstinting support for the Code.

Code of Ethics & Memo Text published

In order to consolidate all our efforts regarding the Code of Ethics Against Hate Speech and the mechanisms which will be adopted in the future to effect the Code and oversee it, I have registered and authored a new site specifically for that purpose. It is available at

Although there is still quite a lot more information that needs to be entered there, I think what I have done today is a good start. I chose to make the site bi-lingual (that was difficult!) but due to the nature of the beast, it is of course more skewed to the Arabic language.

You will find the full text of the Code published there in both Arabic and English.

Over the next few weeks I will post all the historical data that I can find to document the whole process, and add more features to the site to enable ongoing discussions, publish the lists of participating persons and sites and any other information which we feel necessary to make this project a success.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday/weekend and I want to (belatedly) wish all Bahrainis a very happy Independence Day!

Code of Ethics to be launched today

After months of negotiations, of retooling and retouching the code, we are finally at the point to launch it officially this afternoon, on this, a very auspicious day in the history of our country; it’s 37th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.

So congratulations, my friends, on both occasions which shall remain very dear to me, and I suspect all of us Bahrainis.

The launch will be at the Bahrain Human Rights Society’s premises in Adliya (opposite the Alumni Club) with a press conference at 5pm. If you are an electronic publisher, we would really value your support of your spreading the word about the Code, and attending the conference.

The signing ceremony will take place at a yet to be decided location on the 31st of August, by that time we should have its associated website ready to receive your pledges too.

Congratulations to everyone involved. This is very much for the better of our community.

I should be able to publish the translated Code in English very soon.

Known blocked sites in Bahrain top 40

I’ve just compiled a new list of blocked websites in Bahrain and I was able to find most of the administrative order numbers instructing ISPs to block them. The new list is available here.

Should you have any information about this issue, please do contact me in confidence.