Bahrain Bloggers Renascence Gathering

June 13th, 2009|

For a gathering that was organised at such a short notice, we had an excellent attendance of 10 bloggers! Thanks to everyone who came. It was excellent to see everyone and be re-energised again to do even more for the community.

There were many topics discussed of course and resolutions made, one that I have already actioned is the restoration of the old Gregarious RSS Aggregator for, after the continuous troubles I’ve had with WordPress and its brain-dead aggregator plugin, it was a pleasure for me to delete that installation and restore it back. I hope you like it.

Please also note, that as the Bahraini government has inexplicably blocked, I have made it available within Bahrain on (note the S). So until they block this one too and you have to access it through one of the proxy services or applications, enjoy!

I would appreciate it if you would let me know so I can add it.

Unfortunately the venue we chose did not have WiFi! Can you believe it? It probably will be the last time we meet there. The absence of wireless access prevented us to add an 11th very welcome blogger to our gathering: Yacoub Slais. Hopefully next time, who knows, attending virtually might be something that we perfect for those who couldn’t come join us for any reason.

Quick shout out to the attendees:

I hope to see more people at the next meeting. Any input as to which day/date/location we should choose?

Bahraini Bloggers Renascence Gathering, don’t miss it!

June 9th, 2009|

All local bloggers are invited to a Local Bloggers Meetup on Saturday 13th of June 2009. 11 AM Dolce Café in Zinj.

We’d love to restart, reconnect and re-meet old and new friends. Please take a couple of hours off and come and have a coffee with us.

Find out what number this meeting is and I’ll buy you coffee and maybe a nice piece of cake too!

An ex-Prime Minister’s view

June 8th, 2009|

I’ve been following Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s blog for about a year now, maybe a little bit more. I came close to filming and interviewing him in Malaysia when we covered an event there a few months ago, unfortunately that didn’t happen. Still, the experience did not diminish my admiration for the man.

Dr. Mahathis Mohamad, ex-PM of Malaysia

Dr. Mahathis Mohamad, ex-PM of Malaysia

I certainly don’t agree with him completely, but I do follow him to try to fathom the man; an ex-prime minister of a Muslim country – a rarity on its own, especially after being in that seat for 22 years – but some of his thoughts are worth analysing further and learning from, while some of his rants are stellar.

Take his latest post of just a few minutes ago where he reflects on Obama’s Cairo speech:

It is not the Palestinians who choose violence. It was the Jews who violently seized Palestinian land, massacred the Arabs and expelled them from their country. With no one prepared to restrain the Jews, the beleaguered Palestinians had to resort to violence. The world, the United Nations, even fellow Muslims have deserted them.


Obama stresses America’s strong bond with Israel. It is unbreakable. He recognises the aspiration for a Jewish homeland “rooted in a tragic history that cannot be denied”.

But what is the tragic history? It is that of European persecution of the Jews, of the regular pogroms culminating in the Holocaust? It is not the doings of the Muslims. Certainly not the doings of the Palestinians.The tragedy was caused by the Europeans through the ages.

Obama must know that before there was the United States, the Jews invariably fled to Muslim countries to seek refuge from European persecution. The Muslims did not turn them back. Before Israel there were millions of Jews in Muslim land. Even today quite a few are still there.

I have not read such strong views about the American stance regarding the Palestinian and Israeli situation in the Arabic press from any Arab leader! This is not the first time he vociferously condemns American and Israeli actions, there are various other articles he posted previously where his views are never diminished.

I hope you have the time to visit and re-visit his blog, it will be worth your while.

I wonder if other ex-PMs in this area would follow in Dr. Mahathir’s footsteps and start blogging? Oh, hang on a minute, sorry, we don’t have any ex-PMs in this area of the world. This makes reading his blog even the more interesting.

On Sabbatical

September 19th, 2008|


snail, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Guys, I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a while.

I don’t know for how long that while is.

Thanks all for your support.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

Ramadhan Kareem

September 1st, 2008|

What better way to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Ramadhan, my friends, other than to share with you the Anti-hate campaign‘s winning logo which was announced last night at the event organised by Al-Waqt newspaper and attended by government, political and electronic publishing personalities and in which more than 23 websites, fora and blogs penned their names and affirmed their participation of this national enterprise?

I sincerely with to thank all of my friends who participated in this very worthy cause, even if their involvement was just offering moral support. Without you, this would not have seen the light of day.

I wish you all a very happy, fulfilling and peaceful Ramadhan.