The M.Report – S01E01

18 Apr, '082 Comments

I started this on Facebook, but unfortunately as I did not find a way to share the vlog with other services, I decided to make it primarily available on YouTube and then share it from there to Facebook as well as the Den. I know that this distributes the content over several places, but I […]

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Filbert’s walkabout

5 Oct, '075 Comments

Hi-res here Away from the doom and gloom encompassing the world at the moment, here’s a moment of lightness for you.. The weather in Bahrain turned to the better since last weekend. It’s still hot and sticky, but at least the wind has picked up a bit, which prompted me to take my pet parakeet […]

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Friday Video – 14 Sept, ’07

14 Sep, '071 Comment

Finally! This “real” video thingy is taking the whole day to finish and then upload, but hey, I enjoy it tremendously and I hope you like it. I wish you a wonderful Friday, weekend, Ramadhan, Iftar, life, and every other good thing in your lives. [MEDIA=6] It’s about 50 megs! There’s a smaller YouTube version […]

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emoodz does podcasts!

18 May, '0711 Comments

go to emoodz.com to listen to his inaugural podcast

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Vlog 36: It’s Friday again!

3 Mar, '0711 Comments

You know me, it can’t be a Friday without me doing something, and this weekend once again I attacked another part of the garden. At the rate I’m going, I’ll have to buy the neighbour’s house and kick them out so that I have more garden space! Remember I went to the Bahrain International Garden […]

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