Vlog 35: The Frangipani Patch

17 Feb, '078 Comments

A vlog, finally! Arif and I attacked the frangipani patch where all the parakeets and the birds come to feed. That has always been the most difficult patch to grow things in I think because it is the windiest and coldest part of the garden. The frangipani survives, but it certainly does not thrive as […]

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Vlog #33: How to clean tiled floors

18 Sep, '069 Comments

I have no earthly idea what magic my youngest sister Maha uses with cats, but she can do whatever she likes to them and they love her for it! More, with her, cats are like dogs! They follow her around and respond to her commands as if they’ve been to the (dog) obedience school. I […]

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Vlog #32: Friday Breakfast

15 Sep, '0622 Comments

Friday, being the first day of our (new) weekend, is rather special and we traditionally start it with a ‘special Friday breakfast’! Hungry?

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Vlog: 22nd Gathering’s

8 Sep, '0612 Comments

Here’s the video of last night’s gathering. Enjoy! For the technically minded, this thing was shot on my Sony Ericsson K750i mobile phone, and edited on Avid’s Xpress Pro on 24P (just for the hell of it!) The sound quality is crap, but I’ve applied a DeEsser filter on the track which corrected it a […]

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Vlog: Jet Ski Race!

1 Sep, '0612 Comments

Please visit my channel at YouTube for more vlogs! It’s only taken me 7 years to edit this video, but this is the magic of Mac which forced me to dig out all of my stash of tape and just edit and post! I do hope you’re going to enjoy this one. I think I’ve […]

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