Vlog: Cleaning the garden shed

25 Aug, '0614 Comments

I decided that I have had enough with the mess in the garden shed and it is high time that it got re-organised again, especially that the growing season is fast approaching and I need the space. So my son Arif and I attacked it this morning, and for a complete mess and no space […]

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A trip to the factory

20 Aug, '068 Comments

I love machines! The bigger and the louder the better 🙂 This is a trip to Metals of Bahrain (MEBA) which is owned and operated by my friend Rami. I go visit once in a while when I want to get my tostesterone going and feel like a Maaayn! This is vlog# 28

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The interminable questions of Arif, at 6

18 Aug, '067 Comments

My son, who is 13 now, has never stopped asking questions, I guess from the moment he exited the womb. This is him at 6. I’m trying to shoot a jetski race, and he’s unleashing his 200 questions a minute at me! I’ve just composited the questions on him monkeying around from another video… I […]

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Vlog #25: The Garden Tour

13 Aug, '069 Comments

I know I know.. I go months without touching the video camera, and then you get two vlogs on the same day. What can I say but, ehm, I’ll try to be better and post more often. Anyway, here’s the video I shot Friday morning of the garden, see how scorched and monochrome it looks […]

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Vlog #23: A glimpse of Iraqi art

7 Apr, '066 Comments

Visiting art galleries is mostly a good (and new) experience for me and last night’s visit to Albareh Gallery to view the creations of Ahmed Al-Bahrani did not disappoint. It was the last night for the exhibition, so it was pretty fortunate that I actually took the brief time to visit, just before joining my […]

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