M.Report S01E16 – BJA launches an Anti-sectarian code of ethics

5 May, '082 Comments

The Bahrain Journalists Association launched a much needed anti-sectarian code of ethics as part of them recognising the World Press Freedom Day. Bloggers should join too.

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M.Report S01E15 – Long weekends, bloggers gathering and political test balloons

4 May, '088 Comments

A long weekend and a lot to do in the garden with a new growing season, the bloggers gathering and the sending up of political test balloons. Episode links: World Press Freedom Day • My gardening escapades • Yacoub’s Dome • Bahrain set to name Jewish woman envoy • Looking for employees is harder than […]

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M.Report S01E14 – Welcome to Bahrainistan!

30 Apr, '087 Comments

With our parliamentarians falling over each other to turn Bahrain into a theocratic state as they prepare for extended summer holidays, we will be left with a lot of heartache to contend with, while they enjoy 5 whole fully paid months of R&R. Make no mistake my friends, the issues is NOT about banning alcohol. […]

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M.Report S01E13 – Thoughts on Parliamentary Inquiries

30 Apr, '082 Comments

Maybe it was just as well that I was pessimistic about parliament ever being effective last night. Today’s news is proof, yet again, that I was right.

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M.Report S01E12 – Hayfa Wahbi, a clear and present danger

28 Apr, '0816 Comments

Hayfa Wahbi continues to create uncomfortable waves to our dear beloved parliamentarians.

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