15 Apr, '045 Comments

The government these days is in a tight bind. And is being childish and belligerent to boot. Why? Three ministers were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the parliament want to interrogate them which could result in a withdrawal of the vote of confidence (kicked out), but the government is trying to wriggle […]

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CONVICTED! First Bahraini MP to be handed a jail sentence

9 Mar, '047 Comments

Soon to be ex-MP Sameer Al-Shuwaikh, (the guy I voted for!) was handed a six-month suspended jail sentence yesterday for issuing a dud-cheque. For 158,000 Dinars (US$ 419k). His defence of ignorance and that “he only presented the cheque as a guarantee” were thrown out of court. You ain’t got money, don’t write cheques. Even […]

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Societal limits

27 Feb, '0454 Comments

Commenting on my article Field visit to Big Brother Arabia bahrainia wrote: Mahmood, I respect and appreciate your very logical reasoning, and im glad we’ve taken the debate to a higher level. Why should I be offended, u were ever sooooo polite which is nice for a change:) You raised important points which I have […]

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something’s amiss

17 Oct, '031 Comment

browsing various news sources this morning, I found a very small piece in the local rag entitled: “Clubs rap bid to harm unity”, I can’t provide a link to it as they change their stories’ links when they go into the archive, stupid way to manage a newspaper’s website, but there you go, so allow […]

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Bahraini MP’s immunity lifted

24 Aug, '030 Comments

The gentleman I voted for had his immunity temporarily lifted so that he can be “questioned” by the Public Prosecutor for alleged financial irregularities. He is alleged to have bounced cheques worth more than BD 500k ($1.3m). He has so far denied the allegations and will supposedly hold a press conference later on in the […]

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