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A fair price: A slightly damaged leg for a half marathon

25 May, '14

When I declared that I was intending to run a half marathon, many had doubts. Others decided to give me some benefit of the doubt and thought that I might be aiming for the stars, but I could reach the moon. A good enough achievement. I must confess that I had doubts too and that I used […]


[Vlog] NY Winter – Fun at Bryant Park

11 Dec, '12

A friend suggested that I should go visit Bryant Park before I leave NY as they have an ice rink as well as an “even better holiday market” in her words when comparing what Bryant Park had to offer with that of Union Square. I enjoyed watching the ice skating and making this film. I […]


[Vlog] WanneBe Dragon Monster

11 Dec, '12

One of the things I really love to do is go to various holiday and flea markets to while away the time, and get some inspiration as well sometimes. New York never disappoints in these areas, as you might expect. I went to the Union Square market this morning and came across a nice little […]


Moscow, I love you!

3 Mar, '12

We‘re in Moscow at the moment on a production job. We made our way to Red Square and spent most of the day there. It is astounding to say the very least. Really enjoyed it, and we’re going back again tonight and probably tomorrow to get some pick-ups. Let me share some of that with […]


Off to KL

24 Sep, '11

It’s only a week since I came back to the island after an excellent and fruitful holiday. That holiday was followed by a hectic – but fortunately very fruitful – week spent in the office. Now, I’m off with my crew to Kuala Lumpur to cover another of the Power-Gen series of international power conferences […]


Road trip to Sombrio Beach

9 Sep, '11

We love going on road trips while in Canada, or almost anywhere where a road trip can take more than 30 minutes without spanning the whole country We decided to go check out a recommended beach on Vancouver Island called Sombrio Beach, about two and a half hours outside of Victoria and we stopped at […]


M.Report: Photography Masterclass in NY

29 Aug, '11

Looking out of the apartment’s window after Hurricane Irene had passed, I noticed a group of people with a lot of tripods and some photography equipment. That piqued my interest and I thought I’d go and investigate (aka, poke my nose in!) – I’m glad I did! I met the renowned photographer Bryan Peterson ( […]


Shanghai and Small Mercies

17 May, '11

Just arrived in Shanghai this afternoon and checked in to a lovely hotel on the The Bund and overlooking the Huangpu river. You see the view from my room above. Quite nice. First impressions of Shanghai is nothing short of “wow” mixed in with “oh shit!” and an occasional “daaaaamn!”. Let me explain: From the […]


Walking the shore

1 Sep, '10

One of the most pleasurable things my wife and I do while on holiday is walk! I know, sounds so mundane doesn’t it? But we love it. We walk, we talk we watch people, observe the surroundings, interact with the locals, or just join hands and silently amble. Walking, we’ve discovered, is one of the […]


A&W Cruisin’ for a Cause

29 Aug, '10

The A&W Canadian restaurant chain did something wonderful last weekend by launching a fun event for the second year to help the MS Society of Canada by launching an innovative event which invites people to bring their classic cars to their local A&W. A good strategy to generate interest. A&W also pledged C$1 for every […]

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