Islam: a Cultural Adornment?

A hadith from the Prophet Muhammad clearly states that even if a man were to walk in on his wife committing adultery, he cannot take the law into his own hands. But Islam for these people is a cultural adornment that justifies un-Islamic tribal values and not an ethical system that promotes justice and mercy.


I don’t want to go into a discussion of honour killings here, suffice it to say that I am categorically against such brutal and primitive punishments, and as the article referred to above clearly states with references that it is completely against Islam.

What I wish to highlight here however is the application of Islam in the Muslim world today. Shahed Amanullah, the author of the above article aptly describes the Islam that is applied today is just a “cultural adornment“. How very true.

This is the main problem that faces Islam and Muslims today as so called Islamic governments haphazardly apply what suits them of Islam and ignore the rest of this great and fastest growing religion. This “standard” is what will slow and retard the advancement of Islam if nothing is done to clearly change the ways of these governments, education systems, the way that Islam is taught in schools and the way it is preached in mosques and religious schools. Once these issues are addressed, the general world perception of Islam and Muslims will invariably change.

The events of 9/11 clearly shows how misguided some Muslims can get, but as that was “over there” we continued to feel quite safe thinking these acts of terror will never happen to us. After all, we are Muslim countries and immune from these things. The saddening thing is that directly after the attacks on the twin towers, the Muslim world in general were first stunned, followed immediately by “conspiracy theories”, then when we saw the world’s reaction we entered into the denial phase, then it was regarded as a “media thing” that will go away. The attacks on both Riyadh and Casablanca put paid to these thoughts. Not surprisingly, the conspiracy theorists continued in their favourite pastime of blaming all ills on the “great Satan”.

Until we can face facts, interpret our religion in a fair and modern way, respect the rights of man, unshackle the press, and have our own first amendment we will continue to suffer and continue to propagate wrong messages that Islam never preached or sanctioned. We will continue to stay in the dark ages and create new traditions that will masqueraded as Islam.

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SNATCH a brillian movie!

My wife normally doesn’t allow me to watch movies that she thinks I might find funny by myself. She says that the way I laugh and how my face turns various shades between purple and red, and the way that I sometimes wheeze and get out of breath, she’s terrified that I’ll just drop down dead!

It wouldn’t be too bad a way to go. I can think of many other ways that I do NOT want to go, so laughing myself to death seems to be fine, at least to me!

I absolutely loved Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I watched that one completely by chance, late night and nothing better to do except for flicking the channels, then at 2am I caught part of it and fell in love with it.

Then, by another not too dissimilar chance I spotted Snatch and loved it even more! Now I’ve got both DVDs and still watch them from time to time.

Technically I think both films are beautifully crafted. Wonderful camera work, brilliant if skewed dialog with truck-loads of profanity, criminals with comic-book style names: brick-top, bullet, four-fingers, the head, and the rest. There’s hardly a moment in the movie where someone doesn’t get killed, burnt, gutted, or worse fed to the pigs.

The furious cuts, “cheap” wipes, really work to enhance the pace of the film altogether, fast and furious. Even the title sequence received a fantastic treatment, just that by itself is worth buying the DVD for.

The cast is well selected, Brad Pit as a gypsy is really good and funny, although I have to switch on the subtitles to understand what the hell he says.

I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to watch something that is completely different from the general lovey-dovey, or super-human movies that abound today. This one most arguably is a “man movie.” Get it, buy it or rent it!

It’s 1:30am here and I’m watching it for the 15th time, but this time on the Movie Channel on TV!

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and the “moron of the week” prize goes to…


A Malaysian city has kicked up a storm after fining non-Muslim couples for holding hands in public in a drive its mayor says to keep his town morally clean.

Authorities in Ipoh, Malaysia’s third biggest city, have booked about 30 couples in recent weeks for indecent behaviour, city officials said on Tuesday.

But a newspaper reported that some of the couples were fined 30 ringgit (4.80 pounds) for holding hands in a park, sparking an outcry from human rights groups and media.

Malaysia’s official religion is Islam but the constitution allows freedom of religion among non-Muslims, who account for less half the population.

“I think this is ridiculous,” said Cynthia Gabriel, director of human rights group Suaram. “We are a modernising society and there’s nothing wrong in expressing affection for each other.”

“Regardless of Muslims and non-Muslims, we feel that holding hands in public is not an indecent behaviour,” she told Reuters.

Wong Chun Wai, columnist at Malaysia’s top-selling English daily the Star, also criticised Ipoh mayor Sirajuddin Salleh.

“It is certainly not Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Iran,” he wrote. “Religious zealots have no place in Malaysia.”

But the mayor stood by his decision.

“It is not the hobby of the city council to fine people for no apparent reason,” he told a newspaper, adding that the 400,000-strong Ipoh residents should keep the city “morally clean.”

We really need this law in Bahrain as well. Why not? We’re a Muslim country too aren’t we? This law will most certainly increase our visibility in the world and display to the multitudes how “moral” we are.

Gimme a break!

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So you want to stop people from viewing your hard-worked-at Xaraya templates?

Here’s a good suggestion picked from the Xaraya lists posted by Paul Crovella:

For those in the know it doesn’t take much to figure out where your .xt files are located. The web server will send these out in plain text if you point the url at them.

I don’t know how to do this with IIS or any other web server, but if you’re using apache just drop the following into your .htaccess file:

order deny,allow
deny from all

This should keep apache from serving these out directly.

Thanx Paul, I tested it here and it works!!

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The fantabulous engine behind this site. To me, Xaraya is the ultimate content management platform, let me know if I can help you deploying your own Xaraya…

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