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First smart move of the day

15 Dec, '0619 Comments

They delayed the first parliamentary session in which all positions would have been chosen to Tuesday. The same day that the Shura is to choose their positions and committees. This gives everyone a breather and I hope (yes, ever the optimist) that good will ensue. Update 21:59 parliamentary press release announcing the rescheduling of the […]

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Wefaq fires another salvo

15 Dec, '060 Comments

Another press release appeared on Al-Wefaq’s website this afternoon, in which I found these two paragraphs strong and might carry a threat of an escalation of the sitaution: وعبر سلمان عن أمله في ايجاد حلول في المستقبل حتى لا تتجه الوفاق لاتخاذ اجراءات اكثر , مؤكدا وجود تواصل سابق من أجل تغيير الوضع ومن أجل […]

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Speech posted

15 Dec, '064 Comments

The full king’s speech has been posted on the BNA site, but no mention of the Wefaq boycott and no analysis is offered. (Arabic) update 22:05: English translation posted, excuse the ALL CAPS though, they (the BNA/MoI) know not better.

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Okay everything is hunky dory…

15 Dec, '063 Comments

Why else is the national television broadcasting national songs, rather than political analysis programs to evaluate the situation? Oh hang on a minute, the news at 5pm is on, let see if there is any mention of the situation… nope.. they’re onto Palestine, Bahraini news is finished.

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Okay… now what?

15 Dec, '0615 Comments

The king has left the building. Parliament is supposed to convene this afternoon to elect a chairman, 1st and 2nd vice chairmen, then the heads of five parliamentary committees. Al-Wefaq is no where to be seen and their demands are resolute: Investigate Bandargate Remove Attiyatallah Going with parliamentary custom and as they gained the majority […]

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