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Watch’em Sweat!

9 Jan, '059 Comments

2006 is oh so close I could almost smell it! Why, You ask? Elections of course! The time to boot out all of the jokers in parliament and hopefully replace them with better people who won’t chase capital away from the island, who will recognise terrorists and call them as such, who won’t object to […]

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Something’s amiss (redux!)

26 Sep, '0416 Comments

The papers are full this morning of the King and the Crown Prince visiting the Prime Minister at his office. When this sort of thing happens, you just know that someone somewhere has “talked bad” about the ruling family or the prime minister specifically. Thinking on it, there was supposed to have been a seminar […]

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something’s amiss

17 Oct, '031 Comment

browsing various news sources this morning, I found a very small piece in the local rag entitled: “Clubs rap bid to harm unity”, I can’t provide a link to it as they change their stories’ links when they go into the archive, stupid way to manage a newspaper’s website, but there you go, so allow […]

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