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Of course the ministers were cleared!

13 May, '08

Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs Minister Mansoor bin Rajab – who had been accused of financial, administrative and constitutional irregularities – was cleared by a parliamentary committee yesterday. […] Cabinet Affairs Minister Shaikh Ahmed bin Ateyatala Al Khalifa had always denied keeping Bahrain’s population explosion a secret. However, he was let off the hook yesterday by […]


“Cleaner than a white dress”

9 May, '08

Is a bastardisation of the translation of an Arabic idiom which is better transcribed in English as “Cleaner than a white thobe” at least – thobe being the Arabian traditional male garment – which might have taken away the derogatory insinuation given by the use of the word “dress”. This Arabic proverb is akin to […]


Will it explode?

17 Mar, '08

If you’re in Bahrain, you must have felt the tension over the past few months. This tension could in large part be attributed to the Bandargate scandal in which some members of the government and royal family have been implicated in disseminating sectarian strife; a conspiracy which has kept the Bahraini political and apolitical scenes […]


Interests and friends

31 Oct, '07

When Lord Palmerston said the eternal words which translate to a country does not (and should not) have perpetuals enemies nor allies, but permanent interests, who would have thought that we would see this tenet acted out in our very own parliament by two self-appointed stalwarts of political Islam in Bahrain to attain their own […]


He’s not off the hook yet

24 Oct, '07

Why does it take the House of Representatives five whole months to notify the council that the parliamentary probe proposed by Al-Wefaq into the allegation of ministerial misconduct by Ahmed Attiyatallah and his connection to the Bandargate scandal Isn’t this a primary abrogation of the elected chamber’s main responsibility of governmental oversight? has been administratively […]



16 May, '07

Could it be that Al-Wefaq has taken everyone for a ride with this Attiyatallah parliamentary probe? They tabled the probe motion very late in the first session and even by optimistic timeframe, they would have only had one day, May 30th to question the minister They knew that they would be opposed heavily and must […]


Asala bloc prevents Attiyatallah from defending his honour

14 May, '07

الأصالة تتمسك برفض إحالة الاستجواب إلى«المالية» لفت نائب رئيس كتلة الأصالة الإسلامية النائب إبراهيم بوصندل إلى ‘’تمسك الكتلة بموقفها الرافض لإحالة طلب كتلة الوفاق باستجواب وزير شؤون مجلس الوزراء الشيخ أحمد بن عطية الله آل خليفة إلى لجنة الشؤون المالية والاقتصادية بالمجلس’’، وذلك في حال عرض الأمر مجددا للتصويت خلال جلسة النواب غدا (الثلثاء). وأوضح […]