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Huh? Has bin Rajab been cleared?

3 Aug, '10

Just saw this on today’s Al-Wasat:‬ ‪ العاهل يستقبل عائلة بن رجب استقبل عاهل البلاد جلالة الملك حمد بن عيسى آل خليفة بقصر الصافرية أمس عائلة بن رجب، وذلك للسلام على جلالته، وقد رحب عاهل البلاد بالجميع وتبادل معهم الأحاديث الودية. وأكد خلال اللقاء أن مملكة البحرين حققت الكثير من الإنجازات في مختلف الميادين، وذلك […]


Of course the ministers were cleared!

13 May, '08

Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs Minister Mansoor bin Rajab – who had been accused of financial, administrative and constitutional irregularities – was cleared by a parliamentary committee yesterday. […] Cabinet Affairs Minister Shaikh Ahmed bin Ateyatala Al Khalifa had always denied keeping Bahrain’s population explosion a secret. However, he was let off the hook yesterday by […]


“Cleaner than a white dress”

9 May, '08

Is a bastardisation of the translation of an Arabic idiom which is better transcribed in English as “Cleaner than a white thobe” at least – thobe being the Arabian traditional male garment – which might have taken away the derogatory insinuation given by the use of the word “dress”. This Arabic proverb is akin to […]


bin Rajab’s redefines the role of maatems

6 Sep, '07

I am so gratified that we have visionaries in this society and am doubly so when I find an honourable member of the reigning cabinet extends himself even further by bridging the cultural gap that maatems[1] traditionally play in society. For instance, what is wrong with local maatems, like the ancient and quite famous Ma’atem […]


No stranger to the sword

19 Jul, '07

نعم يا بو حسن… من سيوف الحيدر لسيوف العرضى! Another celebration took place yesterday in Rifa’a in honour of our PM’s UN prize, mounted this time by the central governate’s municipal council. I am very glad to see that the executive branch, represented by the Honourable Mansour bin Rajab, Minister of Agricultural Affairs and the […]


Paid ads

13 Jun, '07

While I value the role of some members of the ruling family are doing in the development of this great country and their countless philanthropic activities which I know they are not waiting to be thanked for because they see these efforts as their duty, I have noticed that some ministers have started posting non-discreet […]


It’s over

8 May, '07

I’m glad to inform you that the libel case levied against me by the minister of agricultural affairs and municipalities Mansour bin Rajab has officially been dropped this morning and the judge has accepted our joint signed document. As such, I have removed the gag! I’ll blog more about the whole experience at a later […]


BJA Press Release in regards to the case settlement between Al-Yousif and bin Rajab

6 May, '07

بيان من جمعية الصحفيين البحرينية الجمعية تعلن ارتياحها للمصالحة بين البلوغر “اليوسف” والوزير “رجب” تعلن جمعية الصحفيين البحرينية عن ارتياحها للمصالحة التي تمت بين البلوغر البحريني محمود اليوسف ووزير البلديات منصور بن رجب والتي أفضت إلى سحب القضية المرفوعة أمام القضاء البحريني ضد البلوغر اليوسف. هذا، وتتقدم الجمعية بالشكر الجزيل إلى المحامية فاطمة الحواج – […]


Case Deferred

17 Apr, '07

We went to the court this morning with a number of people already present and offered their support. But due to the main judge’s family bereavement, for which I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Shaikh Mohammed bin Ali on the passing of his mother, the case has been administratively deferred to be […]

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