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2004 Corruption Index by Transparency International

21 Oct, '041 Comment

Here are the results for the GCC: Rank – Country – Rating – Trend 29 – Oman – 6.1 – up from last year 29 – UAE – 6.1 – up from last year 34 – Bahrain – 5.8 – down from last year 38 – Qatar – 5.2 – down from last year 44 […]

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Eight months’ investigation, 3 ministers questioned and the end result? They’re saints!

26 May, '048 Comments

What a farce. Everybody on the street knows the transgressions that ALL ministers in this country have committed. The huge amounts of money embezzled and the continuous gratuities they receive in various forms (money, land, and privileges) so much so that a minister enters the government a pauper, but leaves it a billionaire. How else […]

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Corruption Perception Index 2003.. we’ve got a ways to go still

25 May, '0410 Comments

According to the CPI, Finland was ranked as the country that has the least corrupt civil service and was given a score of 9.7 out of a perfect score of 10. Iceland, Denmark, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland were close behind. Bangladesh and Nigeria, in contrast, were found to have the highest […]

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15 Apr, '045 Comments

The government these days is in a tight bind. And is being childish and belligerent to boot. Why? Three ministers were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the parliament want to interrogate them which could result in a withdrawal of the vote of confidence (kicked out), but the government is trying to wriggle […]

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CONVICTED! First Bahraini MP to be handed a jail sentence

9 Mar, '047 Comments

Soon to be ex-MP Sameer Al-Shuwaikh, (the guy I voted for!) was handed a six-month suspended jail sentence yesterday for issuing a dud-cheque. For 158,000 Dinars (US$ 419k). His defence of ignorance and that “he only presented the cheque as a guarantee” were thrown out of court. You ain’t got money, don’t write cheques. Even […]

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