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Party Shuffle

10 Jan, '0510 Comments

In the continuing Winds of Change series in Bahrain, it seems that there’s going to be a limited ministerial change and ministries restructuring to be announced today or tomorrow. This is good. But don’t hold your breath for the ancients to leave, the Foreign Affairs, and Defense will stay as is, and no, the premier […]

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Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

26 Aug, '0414 Comments

This just in from the GDN quoting Akhbar Al-Khaleej that the Ministry of Information will be immediately disbanded and a part of history! At last someone listened, this corrupt, bankrupt, stifling government organ and brown-noser is no longer! I am SO happy for Bahrain that they should make today, August 26th a national holiday for […]

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no power, but I still have the internet!

23 Aug, '0413 Comments

Thank you Batelco for having an independent power supply, and for me to have bought a good UPS for the office, now I can surf while the WHOLE OF BAHRAIN has no power!! It went out about 20 minutes ago (around 9am) all of a sudden, so I wonder who screwed up… No matter, heads […]

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Eight months’ investigation, 3 ministers questioned and the end result? They’re saints!

26 May, '048 Comments

What a farce. Everybody on the street knows the transgressions that ALL ministers in this country have committed. The huge amounts of money embezzled and the continuous gratuities they receive in various forms (money, land, and privileges) so much so that a minister enters the government a pauper, but leaves it a billionaire. How else […]

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15 Apr, '045 Comments

The government these days is in a tight bind. And is being childish and belligerent to boot. Why? Three ministers were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the parliament want to interrogate them which could result in a withdrawal of the vote of confidence (kicked out), but the government is trying to wriggle […]

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