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Webmasters clamp ‘can prevent libel’

26 Apr, '051 Comment

New rules asking webmasters to register their sites with the Information Ministry should not be used to stifle freedom of expression, political activists said yesterday. Some were totally opposed to any registration, saying it could be the beginning of a slippery slope which could lead to further restrictions and unfair legal action to be taken […]

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Al-Dhahrani’s at it again

23 Mar, '0517 Comments

Our illustrious Parliamentary Chairman not content with the state of our own laws, now suggests that we should import others from our giant neighbour (arabic); Saudi Arabia, especially as they pertain to the family, legal age and of course laws that would further demonstrate his complete “respect” for women. It is done of course to […]

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Codifying Personal Status Law

25 Oct, '047 Comments

There are big discussions doing the rounds in the papers this week regarding the uncodified nature of the Personal Status Law spread primarily by two national polls; one sponsored by the Supreme Council for Women executed by the Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research while the other more arbitrary by Al-Wasat using SMS responses to […]

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Bye privacy… welcome totalitarianism

14 Jul, '0310 Comments

The government is going to introduce a national ID card next year that will further control our lives, expose our most private details: any and all financial transactions, every time we travel, obtain health care, work, rent or buy a house yet no one asked us, the people, if we support such a totalitarian measure. […]

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