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وكيل “الإعلام”: تسجيل “المواقع” تأكيد لحرية النشر والحماية الفكرية

12 May, '053 Comments

أكد الوكيل المساعد للمطبوعات والنشر في وزارة الإعلام عبدالله يتيم أن “بدء تسجيل المواقع الالكترونية في إدارة المطبوعات والنشر في وزارة الإعلام منذ الثاني من مايو/ أيار الجاري، يأتي ضمن التزامات الوزارة بترسيخ وإطلاق حرية الصحافة والطباعة والنشر باعتبارها من الحريات التي كفلها الدستور في مادتيه الـ “23” Ùˆ”24″ من دون مساس بالمصلحة العليا للوطن […]

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Website clamp a step backwards

26 Apr, '050 Comments

It is disturbing news that Bahrain has decided to clamp down on websites, just as the country celebrates World Book Day. Yesterday’s stern warning to all webmasters to either register their sites or face legal action, has sent shockwaves down my spine. To camouflage a law bent on infringing on the rights of people to […]

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Webmasters clamp ‘can prevent libel’

26 Apr, '051 Comment

New rules asking webmasters to register their sites with the Information Ministry should not be used to stifle freedom of expression, political activists said yesterday. Some were totally opposed to any registration, saying it could be the beginning of a slippery slope which could lead to further restrictions and unfair legal action to be taken […]

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Freedom of Speech my big toe!

25 Apr, '0597 Comments

Webmasters must register or face legal action Webmasters face prosecution if they defy new rules announced by Bahraini authorities. All Bahraini websites set up here or abroad must register with the Information Ministry or face legal action, it was declared yesterday. A six-month campaign is being launched next Monday to register all Bahraini websites, under […]

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