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Batelco gets bitch slapped by the TRA, AGAIN!

27 Jul, '063 Comments

Read these saweeeet words: The TRA has once again imposed its power and issued the second Order to Batelco this year. The order forces Batelco to revise their Reference Access Offer (The services and prices offered to other ISPs, allowing them to use Batelco’s network) Batelco had 2 weeks to implement these changes, and they […]

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Optimism… maybe

15 May, '0656 Comments

KoOKiE just brought to our attention something to be optimistic about, if true that is. I have not received the email yet, but let me relate what has been posted on the boycottbatelco.com’s guestbook: Someone got this letter from Peter the CEO “Please find attached a detailed response which I have forwarded to the people […]

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It’s more than enough!

14 May, '0642 Comments

According to Batelco’s announced statistics toward the end of the talk this evening. In relation to a 15GB thresheld (past tense of threshold) account, you can enjoy the following per month after which you would have reached your limit: Surf for 10 hours a day Chat for 6 hours a day Download up to TEN […]

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Reminder: Batelco Broadband Open Discussion TONIGHT.

14 May, '0625 Comments

References: Mahmood’s Den Boycott Batelco Batelco Broadband Bahrain; Prices and New Packages Buckling under pressure Batelco Responds re the new Broadband Packages BoycottBatelco Batelco CEO responds Batelco.Info Arabic coverage and forum Petitions Please sign the petition if you haven’t already, please be courteous. Sign the guestbook at boycottbatelco.com, again, please be courteous. I would like […]

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Batelco Responds re the new Broadband Packages

12 May, '0670 Comments

I just got this email from Mr. Peter Kaliaropoulos, the CEO of Batelco which I shall share with you in order to reach a consensus of opinion. Mr. K raises some valid points which need to be addressed too: Dear “boycott Batelco” team, I have visited your website and read many of your comments. I […]

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