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It’s the UAE’s turn to imprisson online publishers

23 Aug, '077 Comments

Here we go again: UAE online forum administrator sentenced to prison Earlier this month, on August 8th, Mohamed Rashed al-Shohhi, an online forum administrator in the Emirate of Ras Al-Khaimah (UAE) has been sentenced to one year in prison and a fine of nearly US$ 13,600 (Dh50,000) for content deemed defamatory published by anonymous on […]

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Divided Island?

29 Jul, '0735 Comments

Al-Jazeera English’s Abdulrahman Al-Shayyal produced a short documentary to explore the sectarian divide in Bahrain. He came and interviewed me amongst many other Bahrainis to find out the underlying reason that these tensions exist. Here’s the segment he produced:

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BBC’s “Crossing Continents” does Bahrain

26 Jul, '075 Comments

Bill Law will be persona non-grata for a while in Bahrain I guess after this program and his Telegraph article about our fair isle. Unrest in paradise direct link to radio program which might be customarily removed a week after it is broadcast Bahrain is increasingly featured in holiday brochures as a relaxing winter-sun destination […]

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Bolstering the blogosphere

20 Jul, '072 Comments

Good News™: More people noticing that blogging is no longer a phenomenon: The blogosphere, as media expert Dr. Mark Lynch points out, is able to ‘escape the state driven red lines which even the most independent of Arab media is forced to acknowledge’. As such, they fit in with the EU’s agenda, enshrined in the […]

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Young Bahraini Entrepreneurs

11 Jul, '0710 Comments

Guys, can you suggest some names of young Bahraini entrepreneurs that I might interview? I would appreciate it if you would provide me their contact details if you don’t mind too, if you don’t, then a name and why you would nominate a person should be enough for me to start my research. The targets […]

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