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RSF’s Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2005 published

22 Oct, '055 Comments

and we’re doing a bit better. While last year we weighed in at 167, this year we’re at 123, a very long way from our heyday of 67 in 2002. Let’s see how our brothers in arms are doing: Kuwait – 85 Qatar – 90 UAE – 100 Bahrain – 123 Saudi Arabia – 154 […]

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The Last Information Minister

7 Jul, '054 Comments

Anas Mohammed Al-Rasheed Remember his name well, because it is a person with this vision and courage that is sorely missing in Bahrain at the moment. Anas Al-Rasheed is the new Kuwaiti Information Minister, and his stated goal in his new position is to CLOSE the Ministry of Information! Kuwait’s new information minister has a […]

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Another journalist in the dock due to Bahrain’s press laws

30 May, '056 Comments

They originally said that they will not use the infamous Law 47 of 2002 (arabic)and it’s “just administrative”, however we continue to see journalists being gagged using this archaic and unfair law. In this particular instance, the journalist submitted reports to a “foreign” newspaper without being registered as a foreign correspondent with the Ministry of […]

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Reports land journalist in the dock

30 May, '053 Comments

A 52-year-old Bahraini journalist is being prosecuted for allegedly writing for a newspaper abroad without government permission. He should have had official permission from the Information Ministry, the Lower Criminal Court heard. The defendant, a journalist for nearly 30 years, is charged with illegally working as a correspondent for a Kuwaiti newspaper. He admitted at […]

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State Censorship in Disguise

12 May, '0517 Comments

Another international publication contacted me to elicit my views regarding the Ministry of Information’s administrative order requiring all websites to register with them, and what actions are being taken by webmasters, if any, to counteract that order. He began by asking me if any blogger has actually registered with them so far, what you read […]

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