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(possible) Good News

26 Jan, '0621 Comments

It looks like we’ll finally be shot of him (arabic). Good News< ™>! What did he do in his single year (assuming that he will in fact be kicked out of the cabinet in the next few days): 1. Nothing substantive that would have elevated this country’s reputation in the world. 2. Closed down alcohol-serving […]

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Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

26 Aug, '0414 Comments

This just in from the GDN quoting Akhbar Al-Khaleej that the Ministry of Information will be immediately disbanded and a part of history! At last someone listened, this corrupt, bankrupt, stifling government organ and brown-noser is no longer! I am SO happy for Bahrain that they should make today, August 26th a national holiday for […]

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