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M.Report – S01E06

Oooh, a minister DISRESPECTED parliament today. They went ape and I have footage to show it! Other than that, Batelco (aka Fashelco) decided to “look nice” but the process resulted in it receiving some deserved ridicule.

The Handouts Culture intensifies

I think I am like a lot of people who cringe every time I feel that people are just getting handouts; regardless if those handouts are actually deserved, the act itself is demeaning, especially in an area of the world which is supposed to be rich. Alas, it seems that I am in a minority in this feeling as it has not only become the norm, but government, parliament, and society regularly just dish out money as the panacea to all poverty ills. Not many of those giving stop for a while and consider that it probably is best if they at least got the people receiving the largess could at least be made to feel that they earned it.

Yes, I know that to the poor, ego might take a backseat to the normal drudge of existence, but the government and parliament have become so blazé, even blatantly so, in their “giving”.

Two headlines made me cringe in today’s papers; the first is the intention of MPs to open “supermarkets for the poor” in which subsidised foodstuff will be sold and the second is MPs again want to give the Ministry of Social Development BD5 million ($13.2m) to help it cover paying the extra 3,000 needy families whom were added to its rolls of the poor over the last two years, although the minister only asked for BD3.5m ($9.25m), I guess they want to demonstrate their generosity.

The reasons for my cringing in the first instance is that there are proven methods in which the poor are assisted in various societies around the world, one of those methods is a food stamps program in which the needy are given stamps or cards which they can use in any market to help them buy their foods. The vendors then redeem those stamps with a government agency. That program obviously is not free of criticism, but the fact remains that it negates the need for the establishment of “poor shops” which could very well be abused (as could the stamps program, I know) and also allows for the provision of unified prices for foodstuffs which are subsidised only to those deserving that subsidy. I have no idea why our MPs and the Ministry of Social Development ignored this tried and tested method of helping those in need.

The other instance of course is the seemingly willy-nilly way in which parliament is handling the national budget. Here, a party asks for a specific studied budget for one of its programs and we find that for inexplicable practical reasons the parliament – whose one of its main roles is the protection of public funds – gives out additional 30% for no reason whatsoever! What guardianship of public funds is this?

Further, in the report referred above, no one seems to have asked the very important question of why in this age of economic boom do we have 3,000 families descending into poverty?

Maybe I should send them a link to explain to them in simple terms what their agenda should be to combat poverty:

5 factors of povertyThe simple transfer of funds, even if it is to the victims of poverty, will not eradicate or reduce poverty. It will merely alleviate the symptoms of poverty in the short run. It is not a durable solution. Poverty as a social problem calls for a social solution. That solution is the clear, conscious and deliberate removal of the big five factors of poverty.

New heights in segregation demanded

Al-Wefaq doesn’t seem to be too busy these days, especially as its demand to question Attiyatallah has now passed to the Services Committee. So, it keep the ball rolling, they’ve tabled an urgent motion demanding segregation of care givers by their gender:

Same-sex doctors call
Bahraini MPs are demanding that doctors and nurses be allowed to treat only patients of the same sex, except in emergency cases.

Patients are complaining that male staff are examining female patients and vice-versa, Al Wefaq told parliament yesterday.

The bloc also wants bodies in the mortuary to be handled only by staff of the same sex as the deceased. Its unscheduled proposal was accepted as urgent and referred to the services committee, which will compile a report for discussion in the chamber.

Sorry, but which depraved nincompoop in his right mind is going to back this motion, which does nothing more than entrench further unneeded and in this case completely unwarranted segregation in an increasingly integrated world?

What does it matter, really, if the doctor treating a sick patient is of an opposite sex? Yes I can understand in some cases patient might be embarrassed discussing their delicate health issues with a doctor of the other gender, but surely this should be left to the patients themselves to decide on, rather than bring out yet another completely useless piece of legislation that we not only make us the laughing stock of the world, but much more importantly might waste lives, literally.

But parliament really doesn’t have anything better to do with their time… oh wait, yes they do. In the same paper they are telling us that ten of the right honourable upstanding members have insisted on the creation of an emergency panel to fight blasphemy. The motivation behind this of course are those Danish cartoons.

Ten MPs were named yesterday as members of an emergency parliamentary committee set up to combat the tarnishing of the Prophet Mohammed’s image.

The move is in reaction to the reprinting by the Danish media earlier this year of insulting cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

There was outcry throughout the Islamic world when the cartoons first appeared more than two years ago.

The committee will liaise with other parliaments and bodies at home and abroad to combat the negative portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed and Islam.

Can you believe this rubbish? After two years they want to resurrect this issue once again. Oh, hang on, the guys are on a time-delay anyway so now I understand. In addition to them having nothing on their hands, their minds are abuzz with ways to at least look busy, and what better way to show their constituents that they are doing something other than fighting for the honour of our dear beloved Prophet?

You know what? I’m gonna put a big order for Danish flags and go gift them to those MPs. I can tell you that they won’t decorate their houses with them, but add to the collective idiocy of these parliamentarians by providing news agencies with excellent footage of arsonist fools.

And then, we have Al-Wefaq throwing yet another temper tantrum, this time courtesy of Al-Mizal, who objects rather strenuously to giving government housing to Bahraini women married to foreigners. Because, well, here read it for yourselves:

، والمرأة البحرينية الأصلية لا تميل إلى الزواج من أجانب وإذا حصل فهو نادر جدا’
وأضاف المزعل ”هذا الاقــتراح، سيعطــي الفرصــة الذهبية للمجنسين في هذا البلد أن يزوجوا بناتهم الصغــار لأجانب من بلدانهم الأصلية ليأخذوا الخدمات الإسكانية، فيلتحق الرجال بنسائهم المجنسات وهكــذا المجنــس يجر مجنســا إلى أن يتحول البلد إلى بلد يعيــش فيــه البحرينــي غريبــا في وطنــه بينمــا يعيش الأجنبي فيه منعمــا مكرمــا كمواطــن من الدرجــة الأولى”، وفق ما قال

“The true Bahraini woman does not marry a foreigner, but if she does, it is a very rare event.”

What this supposed representative of the people, all the people, is saying is that his objection is based on the fact that “it [providing government subsidised housing services to Bahraini women married to foreigners] will give a golden opportunity to naturalised citizens of this country to marry their young daughters to foreigners so that they can get housing services, which results in their foreign husbands to Bahrain; therefore, we will get a situation where a naturalised citizen will bring in another person to naturalise until the (original) Bahraini finds himself a stranger in his own land, while the foreigner lives here in leisure and honour as if they are First Class Bahraini.”

Would anyone like to join me in banging our heads on the closest wall in response to these asinine and completely idiotic, moronic, simple-minded, prejudiced, petty, bigoted, blinkered, parochial MPs who are entrusted to look after our interests?

I’d better go for lunch before I burst even more blood vessels…


Parliament didn’t disappoint yesterday by providing credence to the date. They proved without a shadow of the doubt that they are fools who are resolutely dragging the country to the dogs. Without any hint of resolution so far, 40 grown adults who simply cannot work together and whose over-riding reason seems to be to posture, scream, shout and have tantrums and that their individual opinions supersedes all others.

Yes, we do have a problem with the Constitution and with the Parliamentary By-laws. Yes, it is quite evident that the overarching reason for their existence seems to be to propagate sectarianism or at least that facet is at the forefront of their minds in every single action that they do; privately and publicly, which exacerbated the impasse Parliament finds itself at.

They just will not and cannot work together.

I do not believe that the people who have been elected are doing their job. It is somewhat within their power to get things rolling and fix what could be fixed; alas, their idiotic posturing is taking precedence.

Therefore, there is really no need to waste more time to get these morons off their cushy seats and thrown out in the street where they belong; hence, as a Bahraini citizen fully within my rights, I hereby give them the Red Card and invite every single one of you to do the same:

Mahmood Red Carding the Parliament and telling them to resign.



Go to sleep “shaikh”

This is one of the best satirical and a direct punch to the guts piece by Mohammed Al-Othman, the columnist at Al-Wasat newspaper and ends it with exposing a scandal! Whether Bahrainis will do anything about it (if tree of course) is anyone’s guess.. but I personally won’t hold my breath.

I don’t have time to translate it at the moment, so please do peruse Google’s effort for the time being. My intention in bringing this up here is because I want to save it for posterity (and future referral!)

Over to my friend Mohammed Al-Othman:

Columnist Mohammed Al-Othman of the Bahraini Al-Wasat
«إركد يا شيخ»!
في قديم الزمان لا نعرف مرادفاً للفظة شيخ إلا شيخ القبيلة. وهو من تجتمع حوله القبيلة لكي يتسنم الشيخة فيها. وعادةً ما يكون شيخ القبيلة أكثر أبناء القبيلة كرماً وأشرفهم عملاً وأولهم إقداماً في الحروب والملمات… إلخ من أخلاق مناقبية راقية.

اليوم، كل من أطلق لحيته وأخذ من ثوبه أُطلق عليه شيخا! بل تعدى الأمر ذلك؛ إذ بالأمس القريب شهد أحد الإخوة النواب لأحد المرشحين من أبناء جمعيته بأنه شيخ وعالم دين, وقبل أسبوعين فقط، ونظراً لاختلاف في وجهات النظر بشأن تولي امرأة لرئاسة لجنة في البرلمان، انقلب الأخ النائب على صاحبه الذي وصفه بأنه شيخ وعالم دين إلى القول عنه: إنه مجرد «طالب علم»! فرق شاسع يا سعادة النائب بين عالم الدين وطالب العلم! ولكنها المعايير عند «جماعات المصالح» تختلف عما هو متعارف عليه عند جمهور علماء المسلمين! وأنا اتحدى أي عضو من تلك الجماعات يبين لنا ما هي معايير المشيخة لديهم؟!

Continue reading Go to sleep “shaikh”

The Thieving MP

I had to laugh when I read Mohammed Al-Othman‘s column this morning and am left wondering how unpopular he will become now as “the machine” will certainly start turning and he will end up painted all the hues of the rainbow as long as it is black!

Al-Wasat columnist Mohammed Al-Othman

هذا النائب تدرج في اللصوصية؛ فمن لص صغير إلى لص وسط إلى لص كبير… تقاعد من الوظيفة التي عمل بها بعد أن «نشف» ماء بئرها من كثر سرقاته، فلم يغادر كراجاً أو نخيلاً أم تراباً إلا وسرق منه خلة! ختم عمله بالفوز بعقود استثمار – بثمن بخس – لشركات تعود ملكيتها إليه. يتحدث عن المال العام، والعقود التي يصوغها للشركة التي يمتلكها، ترهق موازنة الدولة بشروط تعجيزية، واستنزاف حاد لموارد الدولة التي من المفترض أنه يحميها!

This MP escalated in thieving degrees; from a small thief to a medium one through to a big thief. [He] retired from his job after he dried its well with the number of thefts he perpetrated, as he did not leave a garage or palm grove or sand without steeling something from it no matter how small! His departing gesture at his job was to win investment contracts – at a very low price – which were awarded to companies he owns. He talks about the public purse, and the contracts he wrote won by his own companies with debilitating conditions [for the government to break off only with heavy penalties] and the draining of the state’s funds which he should protect.
read the whole column in Al-Wasat Newspaper

That should set the cat amongst the pigeons! Just watch that whole committee and the rest of the parliament members how run like headless chickens trying to cover their posteriors.

Oh what fun.. the play will start in 4 weeks time but the previews we read in the papers over the last week most certainly makes the long wait worth it!

Shi’a Triple-Play

It’s like the Shi’a “leaders” in Bahrain are aiming for a home run; the bases are pretty loaded now, we just need one more good screw-ball pitch and we’re in!

Brilliant. Well done. Let’s ignore the first two points and concentrate on the third for now. The thing that prompted it is this picture:

Mixed shia and sunna prayer in the Bahraini parliament led by Jassim Al-Saidi, an Islamist Salafi Wahabi MP

The above, my friends is a prayer conducted in parliament led by Jassim Al-Saidi, a known Wahabi extremist and the guys praying behind him are (from L to R) Jawad Fairooz, Ali Salman, Adel Al-Moawdah and I don’t know the fourth person, but from their stances you would know that the first two are Shia while the second are Sunnis. Big deal, right? Actually, it should have been a cause for celebration as it shows that “the leaders” of both communities can actually co-exist and can accept the others; thus, firmly planting the seed of social cohesion and anti-sectarianism.

That’s the theory, but some has seen this event as a total and utter humiliation of the Shi’a! “Why would Ali Salman, the protégé of Isa Qassim – the defacto leader of the Shi’as in Bahrain – pray behind a known sectarian person from the Sunna? This is totally unacceptable, off with his head!”

The Al-Wefaq PR machine was overworked in the few days and weeks following that incident with various talks about that there is nothing wrong with it, etc. It was almost forgotten – well, in Bahrain things like this are never allowed to be forgotten, grudges are held for centuries! It has now resurfaced due to a huge stinker of a brainfart by the ex-labourer-now-member-of-parliament-turbaned-good-for-nothing-guy:

brainfartist MP Hamza Al-Dairy

منتدى الدير: ما هي قصة صلاتكم خلف السعيدي؟

الشيخ: أنا لم أصل خلف السعيدي لحد الآن، وكل واحد يعرف تكليفه، والأمور تقدر بقدرها، وبظروفها الموضوعية، أنا شخصياً أقول هذا هو ما يدعو إليه مذهبنا، هذا ما يدعو إليه أئمتنا صلوات الله عليهم، هذا هو ما يدعو إليه فقهاؤنا، هذا هو ما يراه ويلزم به الإمام رضوان الله تعالى عليه والسيد علي الخامنائي، أنا لا أتهمه بالنصب، لكن أقول إذا كان الشيخ السعيدي ناصبياً فإمام الحرم أكثر نصباً منه، ومع ذلك فالإمام الخميني والسيد الخامنائي يحرمون أن تصلي جماعة في بيتك في مكة والمدينة ويوجبون عليك أن تصلي خلفه.

منتدى الدير: في تصريح سابق للسعيدي لمنتدى الدير عندما سألناه عن إذا كان سيصلي خلف أبرز الرموز الشيعية في البحرين مثل الشيخ عيسى قاسم وذلك من أجل التقارب بين الطائفتين قال بأنه لن يصلي خلفه أبداً ما دام على عقيدته، لماذا دائماً تكون المبادرة من طرفنا نحن؟

النائب: لأننا مأمورون، أئمتنا يأمروننا بكذا، تكليفنا الشرعي يأمرنا بهذا.

منتدى الدير: هل تكليفنا الشرعي يأمرنا بالصلاة خلف النواصب؟

الشيخ حمزة الديري: نعم، نعم، يقول لنا صلوا خلفهم.
منتدى الدير – Google translation

This is beyond disgusting.

Now, as expected, the “wronged” party – Jassim Al-Saidi – has mounted his horse (rightly too I think) in demanding an apology not just for himself, but also for the imams of Mecca and Medina and wants Al-Wefaq – to which Al-Dairy belongs – to issue a statement declaring their position from Al-Dairy’s assertions. But Saidi, true to his reputation takes it even further:

وقال ”إن القول إنني ناصبي وإن أئمة الحرم هم اشد نصبا للعداء مني فهذا قول لا ينبغي السكوت عنه، وهو دعوة صريحة من احد أعضاء اكبر كتلة نيابية إلى التكفير والإرهاب ودعوة صريحة لتكفير الطائفة السنية في البحرين وخارجها وهي دعوة صفوية خبيثة تشبه إلى حد كبير الدعوات التي يطلقها التكفيريون بين حين وآخر في منتدياتهم وأقلامهم المسمومة التي تفرق ولا توحد وتكفر المسلمين من دون وجه حق”، حسب قوله. وأضاف السعيدي ”أن الديري اليوم لم يقذفني ويتهمني بالكفر ونصب العداء لآل البيت فحسب بل تعدى ذلك بالتطاول على رموز أهل السنة والجماعة وتعدى على أئمة أهل السنة والجماعة، واعتبر أن أهل السنة ينصبون العداء لآل البيت وتعدى بذلك الحدود الوطنية ليجعل القضية على مستوى الوطن الإسلامي، ويقول لهم إن صلاتكم في المسجد الحرام تعتبر صلاة وراء ناصبي، فأين هو من دعوات التهدئة وعدم التكفير وعدم التطاول على العملاء وشيوخ الدين؟ وأين هو من احترام مشاعر المسلمين الذين اتهمهم زورا وبهتانا بأباطيل لا أساس لها من الصحة؟”.
وأكد السعيدي ”أن صلاة الوفاق ورئيسهم ورائي لا ينبغي أن تكون بكل هذه الحساسية، فنحن المسلمين لا يوجد لدينا فرق بأن يؤمنا عربي أو أعجمي أو أسود أو أبيض طالما كان موحدا لله عز وجل لا يشرك به شيئا وأن التحرج الواضح من قبل الوفاق ومناصريها من الصلاة خلفي يدل على البغضاء المخفية في الصدور وعلى الحقد الدفين والكراهية لأهل السنة والجماعة”
الوقت – Google translation

And the spiral will continue with this slug-fest for a few weeks or even months and for tens of years it will be referred to to show “the depth of depravity of the other side” and what do we poor citizens get from this worthless parliament?

BD20 for every citizen which the government hasn’t even approved yet, so we realistically don’t get anything other than to continue to wade through the quagmire of sectarian strife perpetuated and propagated by none other than what we choose to call “our leaders” whom we have put in parliament and whom we pray behind.

We truly deserve the government we get.

The right and proper thing to do now, as far as Al-Wefaq is concerned, is immediately throw Al-Dairy out on his stupid ass. A person like this should not be allowed to represent us. He has damaged the cause of not just Al-Wefaq but the whole Shi’a community worldwide and has amply demonstrated his utter stupidity that Al-Wefaq does not need now.

By his own admission in the interview he classifies his contribution as zero, so Al-Wefaq will not be missing his brain-juice. Throw the stupid twerp OUT. NOW!

nasbi – ناصبي – is a person who declares his hate of the progeny of prophet Mohammed and regards himself as their enemy, which in essence makes the person a heretic. By inference that person also detests the Shi’a and all that entails. A very choice word for an elected member of parliament to use, is it not?