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Another journalist in the dock due to Bahrain’s press laws

30 May, '056 Comments

They originally said that they will not use the infamous Law 47 of 2002 (arabic)and it’s “just administrative”, however we continue to see journalists being gagged using this archaic and unfair law. In this particular instance, the journalist submitted reports to a “foreign” newspaper without being registered as a foreign correspondent with the Ministry of […]

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Wouldn’t switching the damned thing off be easier?

17 May, '058 Comments

Khalifa Al-Dhahrani is at it again, this time wanting to not only control technology, but giving out 5 years prison sentances and thousands of dinars fines for something that cannot be traced. Yes, I’m talking about Bluetoothed mobile phones again. Bluetooth Clamp Bluetooth violators could face up to five years in jail according to proposals […]

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Heated exchanges in Bahrain parliament

12 May, '050 Comments

A Chamber of Deputies session was adjourned for one hour following a heated argument over the issue of citizens who were tortured under the Security Law during the 1990s, with two deputies accusing the Speaker of infringing on their right to express their opinion. The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Khalifa Al Dhahrani, adjourned […]

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Party Shuffle

10 Jan, '0510 Comments

In the continuing Winds of Change series in Bahrain, it seems that there’s going to be a limited ministerial change and ministries restructuring to be announced today or tomorrow. This is good. But don’t hold your breath for the ancients to leave, the Foreign Affairs, and Defense will stay as is, and no, the premier […]

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the damsel is sulking

24 Nov, '046 Comments

All together now: ooooohhhhhhh, you pooour pooour baabieee. did Abdulnabi Salman and other MPs who uncharacteristicly stood up for the freedom of the press hurt your pooour pooour feelings? tut tut tut. Never mind, come here and get a cuddle. You can now go back into the chamber and carry on with the session. BUT […]

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