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Eight months’ investigation, 3 ministers questioned and the end result? They’re saints!

26 May, '048 Comments

What a farce. Everybody on the street knows the transgressions that ALL ministers in this country have committed. The huge amounts of money embezzled and the continuous gratuities they receive in various forms (money, land, and privileges) so much so that a minister enters the government a pauper, but leaves it a billionaire. How else […]

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15 Apr, '045 Comments

The government these days is in a tight bind. And is being childish and belligerent to boot. Why? Three ministers were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the parliament want to interrogate them which could result in a withdrawal of the vote of confidence (kicked out), but the government is trying to wriggle […]

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He’s in it for God, and to secure his place in Heaven.

5 Mar, '0414 Comments

Adel Al-Moawdah: “We entered the parliament to please our God before pleasing the people. We won’t sell our ever-after for this life.” He also denies defaming “most” Barhaini business people with this comments reported earlier that they are the “morally corrupt lobby,” he claims his words were skewed and that the media is mounting a […]

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Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

1 Mar, '0467 Comments

This from Reuters: MANAMA (Reuters) – An Arab television channel said on Monday it was temporarily pulling the plug on its Arabic version of the hit reality show Big Brother after charges of indecency. But an official of the MBC satellite channel said it would relaunch the show from outside Bahrain, where it was produced. […]

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Want a public office? How much are you worth?

8 Dec, '031 Comment

There is a movement in the parliament to at last address an issue that is important. The “Minbar Islamists” have tabled a motion to force all public officials to declare their worth before they take office, and then audit them when they leave. Excellent. At last something useful. They shouldn’t stop at the public official […]

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