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Vlog #32: Friday Breakfast

15 Sep, '0622 Comments

Friday, being the first day of our (new) weekend, is rather special and we traditionally start it with a ‘special Friday breakfast’! Hungry?

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Vlog: 22nd Gathering’s

8 Sep, '0612 Comments

Here’s the video of last night’s gathering. Enjoy! For the technically minded, this thing was shot on my Sony Ericsson K750i mobile phone, and edited on Avid’s Xpress Pro on 24P (just for the hell of it!) The sound quality is crap, but I’ve applied a DeEsser filter on the track which corrected it a […]

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Vlog: Cleaning the garden shed

25 Aug, '0614 Comments

I decided that I have had enough with the mess in the garden shed and it is high time that it got re-organised again, especially that the growing season is fast approaching and I need the space. So my son Arif and I attacked it this morning, and for a complete mess and no space […]

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A trip to the factory

20 Aug, '068 Comments

I love machines! The bigger and the louder the better 🙂 This is a trip to Metals of Bahrain (MEBA) which is owned and operated by my friend Rami. I go visit once in a while when I want to get my tostesterone going and feel like a Maaayn! This is vlog# 28

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The interminable questions of Arif, at 6

18 Aug, '067 Comments

My son, who is 13 now, has never stopped asking questions, I guess from the moment he exited the womb. This is him at 6. I’m trying to shoot a jetski race, and he’s unleashing his 200 questions a minute at me! I’ve just composited the questions on him monkeying around from another video… I […]

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