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The National Action Charter

23 Oct, '040 Comments

was voted and approved by 98.4% of the Bahraini voting population. This document forms the start of the “new ear” of political liberty in Bahrain in King Hamad’s reign.

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Something’s amiss (redux!)

26 Sep, '0416 Comments

The papers are full this morning of the King and the Crown Prince visiting the Prime Minister at his office. When this sort of thing happens, you just know that someone somewhere has “talked bad” about the ruling family or the prime minister specifically. Thinking on it, there was supposed to have been a seminar […]

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3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

31 Aug, '049 Comments

MPs seek clamp on phone pornography By MOHAMMED AL A’ALI MPs are calling for a new law to combat untraceable pornographic broadcasts between mobile phones. Girls are reportedly being harassed by youths misusing the Bluetooth technology now available in some mobiles. Bluetooth can trace any similar receiver phone within 10 metres and transmit to it […]

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Red-Indians? Aborigines? Indigenous Bahrainis? They existed at some time? Wow!

26 May, '0495 Comments

It took them six months, reports, research, questioning, exploring, insider information, legal advice, interviews, and testimonies and our illustrious exalted MPs couldn’t determine that there were extra-legal naturalisations. Let alone the fact that a Bahraini passport would cost you between BD 4,000 to 10,000 to get, no questions asked. Let alone that virtually the whole […]

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Societal limits

27 Feb, '0454 Comments

Commenting on my article Field visit to Big Brother Arabia bahrainia wrote: Mahmood, I respect and appreciate your very logical reasoning, and im glad we’ve taken the debate to a higher level. Why should I be offended, u were ever sooooo polite which is nice for a change:) You raised important points which I have […]

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