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Retooling the press law

5 May, '086 Comments

The Bahraini Press and Publications Law number 47 of 2002 has been contentious since the day it was promulgated. It has gone through a couple of revisions, one of them unwritten when the prime minister ordered a freeze on journalists’ imprisonment, but it fell far short from what journalists and writers were striving for. The […]

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M.Report S01E16 – BJA launches an Anti-sectarian code of ethics

5 May, '082 Comments

The Bahrain Journalists Association launched a much needed anti-sectarian code of ethics as part of them recognising the World Press Freedom Day. Bloggers should join too.

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Egypt: Judge’s request to block websites rejected

22 Jun, '0710 Comments

Some good news for a change! The State Commissioner Committee in Egypt has rejected the request made by the judge Abdel Fattah Mourad to block 51 websites and blogs deemed insulting the state’s dignity and threatening Egypt’s interests. In the meantime, the investigation on blogger Amr Gharbia, who was charged for defaming Judge Mourad, has […]

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Defamation case thrown out by High Court

6 Jun, '076 Comments

The High Court dismissed a defamation case brought by the president of the Arabian Gulf University Dr Rafia Ghubash against journalist Hisham Al-Zayani. I wish to offer my congratulations to Mr. Al-Zayani for winning the case, even though the decision has taken over 2 years to be determined. This rare victory for the written word […]

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