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Freedom without security isn’t much of a freedom!

26 Apr, '061 Comment

blogging the 4th Arab Media Forum in Dubai This is the over-riding feeling at the “Status of Iraqi media” chaired by Jassim Al-Azzawi and included Faisal Al-Yasseri (founder and chairman of Al-Diyar television channel), Ismael Zayer (Managing Editor at Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed newspaper) and Adnan Hussain (the noted writer and long time Saddam-regime opponent writing for […]

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An historic day for our parliament

22 Apr, '065 Comments

Will they rise up to the challenge, or continue to disappoint? Today they hold a special session to discuss and amend the Press Law which contains parts which necessitate imprisoning journalists for what they write. The islamists – as expected – are all for imprisoning the writer AND his managing editor who dares challenge any […]

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RSF’s Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2005 published

22 Oct, '055 Comments

and we’re doing a bit better. While last year we weighed in at 167, this year we’re at 123, a very long way from our heyday of 67 in 2002. Let’s see how our brothers in arms are doing: Kuwait – 85 Qatar – 90 UAE – 100 Bahrain – 123 Saudi Arabia – 154 […]

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Even more!

20 Aug, '058 Comments

Jamal Dawood must be salivating at the prospect of me finding even more bloggers that he potentially can prosecute! Following on from a tip by Haitham Sabbah, I looked at a whole list of Bahraini blogs on blogger.com, and am I absolutely glad that I have ’cause I found out that one of my favourite […]

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According to Jamal Dawood, 82 sites already registred…

20 Aug, '056 Comments

When you consider that there are possibly tens of thousands of sites about Bahrain or are run from it, this is an abject failure (arabic) of his department. What boggles the mind is that he still doesn’t take the opportunity to tell the whole world that the government, and his department in particular, has listened […]

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