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ما في الديرة رجال؟

30 Jan, '0624 Comments

تأسيس لجنة للدفاع عن الرسول يرأسها السعيدي أعلن مساء أمس في الرفاع الشرقي تأسيس لجنة شعبية، وذلك للتعبير عن سخط الاهالي من الاساءة الى النبي الكريم عبر الصحف الدنماركية ومن موقف حكومتها من صحافتها المحلية، وتم تشكيل اللجنة تحت مسمى «لجنة الرفاع للدفاع عن الرسول الكريم» وتم اختيار النائب جاسم السعيدي رئيسا لها، وناصر السندي […]

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Relevant Questions which need Relevant Answers

15 Dec, '04252 Comments

Allow me to be objective please – all of you, particularly the Muslim readers: Steve is posing some very relevant questions. I personally have no way to answer them because I agree with him! Yes, you read it right, I do agree with him. There are serious issues with the INTERPRETATION of Islam which landed […]

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Eid SMS Messages

13 Nov, '04140 Comments

Ok, come on, out with it. Let’s have the best/lamest Eid SMS Message you have received so far for Eid. In celebration of Eid, I’ll switch off the requirement to register to post a comment (until we’re hit with a lame-ass comment spammer that is) So c’mon, share what you’ve got! Eid Mubarak update: a […]

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Societal limits

27 Feb, '0454 Comments

Commenting on my article Field visit to Big Brother Arabia bahrainia wrote: Mahmood, I respect and appreciate your very logical reasoning, and im glad we’ve taken the debate to a higher level. Why should I be offended, u were ever sooooo polite which is nice for a change:) You raised important points which I have […]

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