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Bahraini court imprisons journalist for libel case

13 Feb, '0711 Comments

It is with utter sadness that I learnt that journalist Mr. Saleh Al-Amm was handed a 3 month prison sentence or payment of a fine as the court found him guilty of libel in a case brought against him by Ms. Fatima Buali, the ex-manageress of the Almanar Home for the Elderly. This prison sentence […]

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BJA condemns minister’s reneging on an agreement to drop case against blogger

13 Feb, '0718 Comments

Post updated at 21:25 on 13 Feb, ’07 with English translation by me of the Bahrain Journalists Association’s press release. The Bahrain Journalists Association has just released a strongly worded press release in which it condemned the minister of municipalities and agriculture’s reneging on an agreement in which I have fully fulfilled. My thanks go […]

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Libel case going ahead

13 Feb, '0737 Comments

Unfortunately the mediation between the minister of municipalities and agriculture and myself to resolve the dispute and perceived libel has not been successful. I have demonstrated my good will over the last few days by amending the original article, but that it seems is not enough for the right honourable gentleman. The minister wants to […]

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BCHR first to declare support in libel case

12 Feb, '070 Comments

I am indebted to the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights for being the very first organisation to offer me their unstinting support in the libel case brought against me by the minister of municipalities and agriculture and releasing a statement to that effect. My neglect to mention this fact is my personal stinking brain-fart so […]

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Bahrain Journalists Sydicate Statement of Support

12 Feb, '0713 Comments

I am very grateful for the statement by the Bahrain Journalists Syndicate released to the press today in which they express unequivocal support to Bahraini journalists and writers who have been penalised for simply voicing their opinions which are supposed to be be guaranteed by our Constitution. I am also very grateful indeed to everyone […]

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