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Ehm, can I have a makramah please?

17 Dec, '0617 Comments

In the spirit of National Day and bountiful makramahs, can Your Majesty put some pressure on Batelco and get them to suck just a little less blood from us technophiles who cannot live without the Internet? I implore you to do something about this Your Exalted Majesty, as no one of us could do anything […]

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One more site blocked in Bahrain

26 Oct, '0632 Comments

It used to be just 9 that were blocked: Bahrain Online Montadayat al Bahrain Bahrain National Committee for Martyrs and Victims of Torture Sarah al Watani Ahrar al Bahrain Bahrain Times Al Saheefa Tubli.net Rezgar and now, it appears that someone who is really shaking in his boots and deems it very necessary to protect […]

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