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2007 Press Freedom Survey

6 Feb, '0716 Comments

It’s that time again; RSF released it’s 2007 Press Freedom Survey and Bahrain again does not fair well… their map of Bahrain is resolutely black in this area. Here’s what they have to say about us: The monarchy’s progress towards democracy has not included decriminalising press offences and the regime continues to control the media. […]

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2006 Press Freedom Index released

8 Jan, '0726 Comments

There is marginal improvement in this year’s Bahrain Press Freedom Index released by RSF. In 2006 we gained a few places up to 111, but to put this rank in perspective, I have compiled the following table to show how bad our position is compared to Kuwait, the Emirates and Qatar: What affected our rank […]

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One more site blocked in Bahrain

26 Oct, '0632 Comments

It used to be just 9 that were blocked: Bahrain Online Montadayat al Bahrain Bahrain National Committee for Martyrs and Victims of Torture Sarah al Watani Ahrar al Bahrain Bahrain Times Al Saheefa Tubli.net Rezgar and now, it appears that someone who is really shaking in his boots and deems it very necessary to protect […]

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Going South

6 May, '0610 Comments

If you’re already wet, would being sprayed make you even wetter? What if you jumped in the pool when you’re already wet, would that make you wetter? Of course not. So what if Bahrain once again went south in its ranking in the Press Freedom Index for 2006? Okay, it’s just a few ranking postions: […]

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Not again!

24 Nov, '056 Comments

Can anyone guess what Bahrain’s press freedom index is going to be for 2006? No? Well let’s look at the trend, so we can realistically predict the future: 2002 = 67 2003 = 117 2004 = 167 2005 = 123 Let’s also consider other factors that might assist us in this prediction; emoodz broke the […]

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