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“It’s a snafu, honest!”

6 Jan, '11

BAHRAINI authorities yesterday claimed to have blocked a number of websites and blogs by mistake. The Information Affairs Authority (IAA) claimed a technical error resulted in blocking of several sites, but said in a statement it was fixing the problem. […] She said her site was blocked on Tuesday after being incorrectly categorised as […]


CIO is gender challenged

18 May, '08

You would think that it would be relatively easy for the CIO, who is entrusted to keep more than we like of our private and very personal information, that they would know the gender of a person whom they issue the mandatory Central Population Register (CPR) card, wouldn’t you? Well, not exactly. With the tens […]


Bandargate fallouts are starting to happen

9 Oct, '06

In a move that will surely put smiles on a lot of faces, and more importantly go toward more transparent elections and referendums, the king has given his royal order to break-away the Electoral and Referendum Directorate from under the Central Informatics Organisation and attach it to the newly independent Legal Affairs Unit. There is […]


One down, several to go to regain confidence

1 Oct, '06

e-Voting has been shelved until 2010, where the same arguments will take place unless voter confidence is regained in the wake of Bandargate. The government has been keeping mum about the situation, probably praying that it too will be forgotten. After all, other scandals have. Do you still remember what happened with the Social Insurance? […]


Special Signal 7

8 Sep, '06

Do we even care for privacy in Bahrain at all? I honestly don’t think so, and the biggest culprit is our government.. the very same one that has been assuring us that with them forcing the issue of “smart cards” which not only contain biometric information, but your criminal, financial, and medical records amongst others […]


Swedish Cookies

15 May, '05

In Sweden, a website cannot use cookies by law unless the site offers the user the option not to use them. A dislaimer must be shown on any site so that the visitor’s privacy is protected: Today, July 25, 2003, the Electronic Communication Act (“the Act”) enters into force. A practical effect of the Act […]


The usefulness of the “smart card”

9 Feb, '05

I’ve been going on for a while about the smart card and people have just been scoffing the fears I harbour. “It’s just like the CPR” they say invariably, “and we’ve been living with it since 1984, so what’s the difference? It’s going to make our life better!” Sure it’ll make our life better. If […]


Want a public office? How much are you worth?

8 Dec, '03

There is a movement in the parliament to at last address an issue that is important. The “Minbar Islamists” have tabled a motion to force all public officials to declare their worth before they take office, and then audit them when they leave. Excellent. At last something useful. They shouldn’t stop at the public official […]


Let’s all stick with Microsoft because this is what we know…

12 Aug, '03

One of the leading “opposition” newspapers[arabic] published today two big pieces on Linux on page 14 which deals with “technology” and what you get from those articles is the a clear smell that Microsoft or one of its agents has actually written or inspired those articles. The issue is that the Bahraini government, specifically the […]


The National ID “smart card” idea continues to take hold

30 Jul, '03

yet no answers to the questions I asked are forthcoming, even though the same article has been sent twice to the national papers in Bahrain. No one seems to be interested in protecting their most basic of human rights: privacy. Amazing. Now the BDF (Bahrain Defence Forces) Hospital which is one of the leading hospitals […]

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