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Bluetooth hilarity

24 Jun, '0530 Comments

We had lunch today at Cafe Italia at the Seef Mall. I believe that it’s the best pizza on the island, I always over stuff myself there, and in keeping with the Friday traditions, I have! But, in between ordering and waiting for the meal to arrive, I thought I’d take Tariq Khonji’s advice and […]

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Another journalist in the dock due to Bahrain’s press laws

30 May, '056 Comments

They originally said that they will not use the infamous Law 47 of 2002 (arabic)and it’s “just administrative”, however we continue to see journalists being gagged using this archaic and unfair law. In this particular instance, the journalist submitted reports to a “foreign” newspaper without being registered as a foreign correspondent with the Ministry of […]

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Wouldn’t switching the damned thing off be easier?

17 May, '058 Comments

Khalifa Al-Dhahrani is at it again, this time wanting to not only control technology, but giving out 5 years prison sentances and thousands of dinars fines for something that cannot be traced. Yes, I’m talking about Bluetoothed mobile phones again. Bluetooth Clamp Bluetooth violators could face up to five years in jail according to proposals […]

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A light-bulb faintly goes on

28 Apr, '056 Comments

From this morning’s GDN Webmasters are free to register WEBMASTERS will not be hounded into registering their sites with the Information Ministry, authorities said yesterday. Information Under-Secretary Mahmood Al Mahmood said although the rules state that Bahrain websites must be registered with the ministry, it will not be actively pursuing them. “Our goal is to […]

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No More Barriers

6 Dec, '0498 Comments

The US Consulate in Jeddah has been attacked today with 12 people killed, 3 of which are the attackers themselves from a group of 5. 2 have been apprehended, although injured presumably by gunfire and are in the hands of the authorities. Our condolences go to the families of the bereaved. It is yet another […]

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