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I hate that WWW thing

9 Oct, '041 Comment

After years of having the internet, why the hell do people still use www in front of every domain name? Traditionally, the www – world wide web (or world wide wait depending on where you are) represents a shortcut to where the website is, so people would do www.mahmood.tv for instance, but now that that […]

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3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

31 Aug, '049 Comments

MPs seek clamp on phone pornography By MOHAMMED AL A’ALI MPs are calling for a new law to combat untraceable pornographic broadcasts between mobile phones. Girls are reportedly being harassed by youths misusing the Bluetooth technology now available in some mobiles. Bluetooth can trace any similar receiver phone within 10 metres and transmit to it […]

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Let’s all stick with Microsoft because this is what we know…

12 Aug, '031 Comment

One of the leading “opposition” newspapers[arabic] published today two big pieces on Linux on page 14 which deals with “technology” and what you get from those articles is the a clear smell that Microsoft or one of its agents has actually written or inspired those articles. The issue is that the Bahraini government, specifically the […]

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Linux Cluster to be established at the UoB

27 May, '030 Comments

from Bahrain Tribune There is a considerable gap between world information-technology literacy levels and Middle Eastern involvement in the field, said experts at a forum on industry-university collaboration on IT which was held yesterday. The opening keynote address was made by Minister of Industry Dr Hassan Fakhro and Dr Diem Ho, IBM university relations manager […]

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Self-destructing DVDs on the way!

18 May, '030 Comments

Disney is supposed to release DVDs for the rental market which are chemically treated to render the disks unreadable after 48 hours from opening the DVD package. The chemically coated DVD surface is red initially but changes colour to black after 48 hours. Aparently no laser can penetrate that layer, hence it will become unusable […]

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