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Sore thumbs

6 Dec, '0618 Comments

You know the English expression of something sticking out like a “sore thumb”? Well, try finding the names that stick out like that from the following list of worthy people His Majesty the King selected to fill the Shura Council of 2006, and tell me why?: Ali Saleh Al Saleh; Ibrahim Mohammed Bashmi; Ahmed Ibrahim […]

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Foulath on a roll.. get out of the way!

7 Dec, '035 Comments

The right honourable gentleman Mr. Faisal Foulath [FF – let’s see if you can coin an appropriate phrase with his initials – I propose the first initial should be descriptive: fat – I leave the other to your imagination] of the Shoura Council is not resting on his laurels. Oh no, not at all, he’s […]

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Marriage Fund?

6 Dec, '033 Comments

Now it’s the Shura Council’s turn to have a brain-fart. Some bright spark looked at the marriage statistics in Bahrain in 2001 and decided that not enough Bahrainis are marrying each other with most men opting to have foreign wives, so what does he propose? Throw money at the problem and it’ll go away! He’s […]

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