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M.Report S01E09 :: Coping with tiredness

25 Apr, '081 Comment

It’s the end of the first day of the weekend, been gardening and now I’m pretty tired, so what better way to unwind other than to go into a complete….

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M.Report S01E08 – Bad habits and other nonsensical issues

24 Apr, '087 Comments

Bad habits, inffective parliament – again – and the start of a review of the happenings in the Den and Matrix Horsey makes an appearnce too!

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M.Report S01E07 – Homosexuality and the Islamist

23 Apr, '0831 Comments

Sex is never too far from Islamists’ minds, it seems, especially if they are law makers. This might be because they view their legislative role as nothing more than protecting people from themselves – according to their views anyway – and ensuring that society toes the straight and narrow – again, according to their definitions […]

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M.Report – S01E05

21 Apr, '084 Comments

What a fortuitous occasion! A decision by the government results on egg on its own face. The defacto PM of Bahrain slaps the wrist of parliament and I also remind them not to be so uptight about things.

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M.Report – S01E04

20 Apr, '080 Comments

In this one, I introduce my initial experience with Zain, my new broadband supplier, I talk about the government’s decision to rescinds its order requiring decent transport to be provided to workers and Filbert makes an appearance!

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